white widow hemp cbd flower
White Widow CBD Hemp Flower – 20.30% CBD , 0.076% Delta-9 THC

White Widow CBD Hemp Flower – 20.30% CBD , 0.076% Delta-9 THC

White Widow CBD hemp flower is beautiful when it’s opened. You’re greeted with a hint of sandalwood and a soil-like aroma. However, this strain doesn’t look like any normal strain as it looked like its encased in a spider’s web. The white crystalline flowers on the hemp make it look fascinating, and what gives it the name white widow.


This strain has a plethora of benefits as well as a few noticeable side effects, but it is also known to improve the mood, and while THC levels tend to be low, they also tend to keep most of the cannabinoids away from this strain as well. What are you waiting for? Let’s get to it.

As many hemp and marijuana plants have been known to improve moods, emotions, and ease stress and worry, this plant is no different. It can help to improve a myriad of feelings to make you feel more at ease.

                                          Moods                                                   %
                                         Happy                                                   59 %
                                         Euphoric                                                   55 %
                                        Uplifted                                                   50 %
                                         Relaxed                                                   45 %
                                          Creative                                                   38 %

Along with these great mood improvers, this strain of white widow is a great medicinal plant as well. It has a multitude of health benefits that people can extrapolate from it.

                                  Medicinal uses                                                 %
                                            Stress                                                38 %
                                             Pain                                                28 %
                                          Anxiety                                               28 %
                                       Depression                                                27 %
                                         Insomnia                                                14 %

Like just about every other herb on the market, these have side effects too. The white widow strain isn’t indifferent to this and has its own set of side effects to go along with it.

                                    Side effects                                                %
                                      Dry mouth                                                36 %
                                         Dry eyes                                                 21 %
                                          Dizzy                                                 9 %
                                        Paranoid                                                 8 %
                                        Anxious                                                  4 %

This strain helps with a plethora of problems, including Depression, Anxiety, and Insomnia. It also helps improve your mood by helping you become happy, relaxed, and creative. It has some side effects, but none long lasting unlike some herbs on the market today that have a list of uses and a list twice as long with side effects.

Lab Results

With so many tests being done on every individual strain, the White widow is different. It’s almost and Isolate, but contains THC levels in it as well. So, let’s get into the list, as all white widow contains is cannabinoids, and no terpenes.

                                       Cannabinoids                                                     %
                                             THC                                          12 % to 20 %
                                             CBD                                          Less than 1 %

What is a Hybrid

Well, a hybrid is a cross of Indica and Sativa blends of cannabis. It is created by placing male and female plants of opposite origins beside each other. For example, placing all-male Sativa’s on one side, and placing female Indica’s on the other, or Female Sativa on one side, and male Indica’s on the other. The final way is to place female Indica’s and Sativa’s opposite each other and wait for them to pollinate each other. This is how strains are created in a hybrid way and can either be Sativa dominant, Indica dominant, or a balance between the two. The white widow is an Indica dominant hybrid and is noticeable because of its lower amounts of THC.