Super Lemon Haze Hemp CBD Flower
Super Lemon Haze CBD Hemp Flower -18.7% CBD , 0.08% Delta-9 THC
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Super Lemon Haze CBD Hemp Flower -18.7% CBD , 0.08% Delta-9 THC


When you cross-breed two hybrids in Super Lemon Haze and Pineapple Gold, you get the sour and citrusy strain of Sour Lemon Haze. It’s a Sativa dominant hybrid that is 70 % Sativa, and 30 % Indica. The strain is named for its yellow crystalline look and its sour taste. While this strain helps with so many things, there are a plethora of effects that you’ll get from this particular blend.


When you look into a strain, you always want to know what you’re getting into before you buy. That includes what you’re going to feel like when you’re on the strain, what you are going to use it for, i.e., pain, stress, depression, and so on. And what are the potential side effects that you’ll encounter when you’re using the Sour Lemon Haze strain?

Feelings are a big part of why people want to buy marijuana. You’ll feel either enlightened, happy, relaxed, or other emotions. So what are you going to get from the Sour Lemon Haze strain? We’ll highlight the top five feelings users get when consuming this strain.

                              Feeling you’ll get                                   % of users say
                                         Happy                                                58 %
                                        Relaxed                                                 52 %
                                        Uplifted                                                46 %
                                        Creative                                                 41 %
                                       Energetic                                                 39 %

What do you get with the Sour Lemon Haze strain that makes it worth trying? Well, there is a multitude of health benefits to go along with this strain, but we’ll highlight the top five for you according to the users and researchers say it helps with.

                         This strain helps with                                   % of users say
                                     Depression                                              30 %
                                       Stress                                              28 %
                                     Headaches                                               19 %
                                         Pain                                               19 %
                                       Anxiety                                               19 %

While there are great medicinal uses for many products, there are also side effects for them as well. Think about drugs or advertisements for medicine on television. They list a mile-long small print of side effects. However, with this strain, you won’t get all of those big side effects, these are short-term, and not harmful to the body. So let’s go over the top five side effects you can expect from the Sour Lemon Haze strain.

                             Potential side effects                                % of users report
                                      Dry mouth                                                15 %
                                      Dry eyes                                                14 %
                                       Paranoid                                                6 %
                                       Anxious                                                1 %
                                        Dizzy                                                1 %

Lab Results

While there are certain levels of terpenes and cannabinoids that a strain must contain, each strain is different. The lab results are so that buyers can see if they are following the regulatory and legal limits of THC, CBD, and other cannabinoids, as well as the terpenes that are contained within it too. However, while they cannot exceed these levels, they can most of the time be lower in terms of levels. Okay, enough stalling, let’s get into the results.

         Cannabinoids                 Level %                Terpenes                Level %
                  THC                    22 %           Alpha Pinene                   .28 %
                 CBD            Less than 1 %        Beta Caryophllene                   .22 %
                CBN                     .7 %           Beta Myrcene                   .21 %
               THCV                     .1 %          Alpha Humulene                   .19 %
            8 – THC            Less than .1 %                 Limonene                   .19 %
                CBDV            Less than .1 %                 Linalool                   .13 %
              CBD – A                     .2 %                Terpinolene                  .08 %
                  CBC                    1.2 %