What would be considered a premium CBD hemp flower? Well, many strains could fit the bill, but today we’re going to talk about Sundae Driver? It’s an Indica dominant hybrid strain that’s derived from two hybrids in Fruity Pebbles and Grape Pie. It can be compared to bitter chocolate or a dessert-style strain as its terpenes create a lovely aroma and delicious taste. However, this particular strain can be a bit strong, and too much of it could lead to some bad anxiety. So check the contents before you buy and see how high that THC level is.


There are many effects that various hemp flowers can have, and the majority of CBD derived, and rich plants have additional benefits, especially when combined with other cannabinoids. These strains as rich in medicinal uses and benefits and can lead to some great breakthroughs. In this section, we’ll break down all of the feelings, uses, and side effects you can expect from Sundae Driver.

First on this list is how the Sundae Driver strain will make you feel. It has a lot of emotions attached to it, and like all of its counterparts, this strain is no different and can make users feel happy, euphoric, and so much more. Below we’ll table the top five feelings you’ll get when using Sundae Driver, so you know ahead of time if you want to buy.

                            Feeling you will get                           % of the time you’ll feel it
                                         Happy                                                 47 %
                                       Relaxed                                                  46 %
                                       Uplifted                                                 35 %
                                      Euphoric                                                 29 %
                                       Creative                                                19 %

The next area we’ll dig into is the multitude of health benefits this particular strain has. With so many choices to choose from of the myriad of uses it has medicinally, we’ll only recap the top five for you, and show you the percentage of the time you’ll get these effects.

                     Medicinal Benefits and Uses                                               %
                                        Pain                                              19 %
                                        Stress                                              18 %
                                   Depression                                             16 %
                                      Anxiety                                             11 %
                                     Arthritis                                             9 %

Well, now we’re to the end of this section of effects, and last but not least is the side effects of the strain. Every drug you’ll ever take will have certain side effects, and this is no different. You will have fewer side effects, and the side effects won’t even be near as severe as many of the main drugs and medicines on the market today. Okay, down to the brass tacks, let’s talk about the top five side effects associated with the Sundae Driver strain, so you know why you’re buying.

                             Potential side effects                                    % of the time
                                    Dry mouth                                            15 %
                                    Dry eyes                                             3 %
                                   Paranoid                                              3 %
                                    Anxious                                               1 %
                                     Dizzy                                               1 %

Lab Results

This is the part where we tell you what’s supposed to be in the strain, and if it differs, then you probably shouldn’t buy the strain. This is what the labs, state, and federal boards say should be in the product, so stay away from the stuff that exceeds the limits, or that doesn’t contain one of these as it wouldn’t be the same.

           Cannabinoid               % level               Terpenes                % level
                   THC                    21.4 %       Beta Caryophyllene                   .69 %
               9 – THC                     .4 %               Limonene                    .6 %
                   CBN                    .1 %               Linalool                    .22 %
                THC – A                    24 %          Alpha Humulene                    .18 %
             Alpha Pinene                     .1 %