Special Sauce Hemp CBD Flower
Special Sauce CBD Hemp Flower – 21.20% CBD , 0.05% Delta-9 THC

Special Sauce CBD Hemp Flower – 21.20% CBD , 0.05% Delta-9 THC


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A cross between an original strain and E.R.B. is the Special Sauce strain. It is a strain of CBD Hemp flower that has a low T.H.C. 5 and a high CBD % making it an Indica strain. The smell and aroma are quite similar as it goes down easy with no harsh burn, and its woody, floral, and sweet in both. It contains high levels of Cannabinoids as well as a diverse set of terpenes.


There are many things people look at when they want to buy a particular strain, and we’ll dive into them all. Everyone wants to know how the strain will make them feel, what it can help with, and what the side effects are. The same can be said for this strain of Special Sauce, and we’ll get right into it.

Feelings are part of the main ingredient that people look for when buying a strain. Will you feel happy, excited, hungry, aroused, or something else? Well, the table of the top five feelings you’ll get, and the percentage of people who feel them will help with that.

What you’ll feel when consuming Special Sauce                                                 %
                                        Euphoric                                                 55 %
                                        Uplifted                                                 51 %
                                        Creative                                                 41 %
                                        Relaxed                                                 41 %
                                         Happy                                                 37 %

Medicinal effects

Well, with Special Sauce, there are a ton of potential health benefits. There are a plethora of them, but in this section, we will detail the top five medicinal benefits and uses. Then we’ll add in what percentage of people say it has helped them in this area.

         Health benefits and medicinal uses                                                   %
                                        Stress                                                  48 %
                                       Depression                                                 37 %
                                       Pain                                                 34 %
                                       Anxiety                                                 25 %
                                      Fatigue                                                 18 %

Many drugs, mainstream drugs, over the counter drugs, and prescriptions have side effects. However, what are the side effects of marijuana and Cannabis? Well, they each have their side effects, and the Special Sauce strain is the same. We’ll show you the list of top five side effects, along with the percentage of people that have them.

Potential side effects

            What are the potential side effects                                                   %
                                        Dry mouth                                                23 %
                                         Paranoid                                               20 %
                                          Dry eyes                                                9 %
                                          Anxious                                                6 %
                                             Dizzy                                                4 %

Lab Results

These are the lab results of what is contained within the Special Sauce strain. This is a guide of what’s supposed to be in these certain amounts for all strains.

        Cannabinoids                 Level %                Terpenes                   Level %
                 CBC                   .034 %          Alpha Bisabolol                      .093 %
                CBC – A                    .74 %      Caryophyllene Oxide                     .067 %
               CBD                      .5 %        Beta Caryophyllene                       .26 %
              CBD – A                    16.4 %          Beta Farnesene                       .113 %
               CBDVA                     .120 %              Fenchol                     .036 %
                  CBG                    .131 %             Fenchone                      .044 %
               CBG – A                    .31 %               Guaiol                    .036 %
            D9 – THC                   .129 %         Alpha Humulene                       .117 %
                THCA                    .61 %              Limonene                     .025 %
                THC                   .66 %           Beta Myrcene                     .46 %
                 CBD                    14.9 %        Cis Beta Ocimene                    .031 %
    Trans Beta Ocimene                   .0079 %
               Phytol                    2.208 %
           Alpha Pinene                    .146 %
            Beta Pinene                    .062 %
              Sabinene                     .035 %
          Alpha Terpineol                    .0140 %
             Terpinolene                   .024 %