Sour Space Candy Hemp CBD Flower
Sour Space Candy CBD Hemp Flower – 11.9% CBD , 0.03% Delta-9 THC

Sour Space Candy CBD Hemp Flower – 11.9% CBD , 0.03% Delta-9 THC


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This strain is made because of the cross between the strains of Cotton Candy and Space Queen. It is a Sativa that has great medicinal and psychological properties. The flavor profile is decadent, as it tastes like candy apples and a sweet cheery. It has an earthy aroma that snaps you back from the pleasant smell, balancing the strain. This strain is one of the best sellers in the Colorado market and has been considered a mainstay for years. If you are looking into buying this strain, then you’ll be wondering what you are going to feel, what are the effects of the strain, what are the side effects, does it have medicinal qualities, and what is contained within it.


There are so many choices in strains today that it’s hard to pick one particular strain for yourself. You have to know what the right high for you would be. This is why there is an effects spot so that you can decide what is best for you. If you like a certain feeling when you get high, you’ll want to know. If you want to use it medicinally for anything, in particular, you’d want to know what this strain can do. So what are the side effects or negative drawbacks of this particular strain? We’ll show you a detailed table of all of this below.


Ever wonder what it would be like to take a perfect high? Do you want the feelings of happiness mixed with creativity and arousal? Well, maybe not all of those at once, but there’s probably a strain that does that. But no, we’re talking about how this particular strain makes you feel. We have a table of the top five feelings you’ll get on this high as well as the percentage of people who are on the high report.

                   How does it make you feel?                                                %
                                          Happy                                               72 %
                                         Relaxed                                               59 %
                                         Euphoric                                               49 %
                                         Uplifted                                               49 %
                                         Creative                                               37 %

Medicinal Uses and Benefits

Now, we’re onto the next section of how they will benefit you medically. There is a table of the top five ways that the Sour Space Candy Strain can help you medically as well as what percentage of people feel that it helped them with it.

        What are the medicinal uses and benefits?                                                  %
                                              Stress                                               32 %
                                            Depression                                               24 %
                                            Anxiety                                              21 %
                                              Pain                                               18 %
                                            Fatigue                                               14 %

Side Effects

Finally, we’re onto the final part, which is the side effects, as many other strains have. There is a commonality between the majority of the strains, but which does this one hold? Well, we’ll find out in the table below which will show the top five side effects as well as the percentage of people who report feeling them.

           What are the potential side effects?                                                 %
                                        Dry mouth                                                11 %
                                        Anxious                                                8 %
                                        Dry eyes                                                4 %
                                          Dizzy                                                3 %
                                         Paranoid                                                 1 %

Lab Results

Lab results are an integral part of the strains, and their profile is complete when this is filled out. This table shows exactly what is supposed to be within the Sour Space Candy strain, and what level percentage each of the cannabinoids and terpenes is at.

       Cannabinoids                 Level %            Terpenes                 Level %
                 THC                 18 % – 22 %       Beta Caryophyllene                     1.68 %
              D9 – THC                     .35 %            Alpha Pinene                     .36 %
                  CBD                    .07 %              Terpinolene                      .23 %
                  CBN                Less than .1 %                Limonene                      .01 %
               THC – A                   20.91 %                 Linalool                      .01 %
              D8 – THC                     .01 %             Beta Myrcene                       .01 %
              CBD – A                     .04 %
                   CBC                     .03 %
                  CBG                      .12 %
                 CBG – A                      .73 %