Sour Diesel CBD Hemp Flower
Sour Diesel CBD Hemp Flower , 15.9% CBD , 0.08% Delta-9 THC
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Sour Diesel CBD Hemp Flower , 15.9% CBD , 0.08% Delta-9 THC


The Sour Diesel strain has been around since the early 1990s. It has been thought to have derived for the combination of Chemdog 91 and Super Skunk. It is praised for its long-term medicinal properties as even after the high wears off, it is able to still block many things like pain, stress, and depression. This is why it is a legendary strain in the weed community as well as the medicinal community.


There are many things to discuss the Sour Diesel strain, and what it does to the body. It is known for its long-lasting effects even after the high, but what does it help with? What feelings do you get when you’re using the strain? What are all of its potential health benefits? And most importantly, what are the possible side effects of taking this strain of CBD hemp flower?

This is a list to help you see what you’re getting into when you are using the Sour Diesel strain. How you’ll feel on this strain is going to be detailed in the table below. You will be feeling happy, relaxed, and euphoric, along with other feelings that are and aren’t detailed.

                 What emotions will you feel?                              % of people feeling them
                                        Happy                                               62 %
                                       Uplifted                                               54 %
                                       Euphoric                                               53 %
                                       Energetic                                              50 %
                                        Creative                                              43 %

What possible medicinal effects does this strain have? Well, like all Marijuana and CBD strains, it has a plethora of health benefits that can help everyone using this product. Some of these uses are listed, and some are not.

                              The Medicinal Uses                                % of Researchers Say
                                           Stress                                                38 %
                                       Depression                                                28 %
                                         Anxiety                                                28 %
                                            Pain                                                24 %
                                        Fatigue                                                12 %

Like many drugs in the world, CBD hemp flower is no different in having side effects. These side effects are a bit different than explosive diarrhea or profuse vomiting, no, these are a light kind of side effect, and when you come down from your high, you won’t be able to tell the difference.

                            Potential side effects                 % of users have this side effect
                                      Dry mouth                                               35 %
                                      Dry eyes                                              19 %
                                      Paranoid                                              10 %
                                        Dizzy                                               8 %
                                     Headache                                               5 %

Lab Results

The lab results are a bit sparse, but there are some terpenes in this as well as an active cannabinoid. THC is relevant in virtually every cannabis plant, although, in many CBD high strains, it’s only applicable at .3 %. Let’s look at what the Sour Diesel strain contains.

          Cannabinoids                       %               Terpenes                    %
                   THC                   31.94 %              Limonene                   .977 %
           Beta Myrcene                  .869 %
       Beta-Caryophyllene                    .499 %

About This Strain

Sour Diesel is a strain that is also said to derive from a hybrid cross between the hybrid Chemdawg, the hybrid Skunk phenotype, and the Indica Northern lights for a Sativa dominant strain. It has an earthy taste and aroma, yet it has the smell and taste of being sour, sweet, and fruity. It is an intoxicating aroma and its amazing at continuing the health benefits long after being high.