Purple Panties CBD Hemp Flower
Purple Panties CBD Hemp Flower – 21.48% CBD , 0.08% Delta-9 THC

Purple Panties CBD Hemp Flower – 21.48% CBD , 0.08% Delta-9 THC


Purple Panty Dropper is a relatively new strain that is a hybrid. It is a great strain that can drop the panties off of girls and boys, with its aphrodisiac effect, and is a mellow high all the way through. So below, I will recap how the effects take hold, what exactly the strongest emotions you feel are, what medicinal uses they have, as well as the potential side effects that go along with the strain. We will show you the lab results of a typical strain of Purple Panty Dropper, and then tell you a little bit more about the strain.


The effects of the Purple Panty Dropper are known to have an arousing effect on the user. It also allows them to feel more relaxed. Why am I saying all of this? Because below, we will be discussing what the feelings you get from it will be, and the percentage of the high that you’ll feel it. We’ll discuss the potential medicinal properties it holds, and finally, the side effects that go with the drug as well as how it affects you the user.

The feeling you get from the Purple Panty Dropper is great, and it can uplift your mood and make you feel a bit better about your day. We just want you to know exactly how you’ll feel on this strain of CBD hemp flower, so you know what you’re getting when you buy.

                              What you’ll feel                                 % of the high
                                       Relaxed                                             66 %
                                       Euphoric                                             50 %
                                      Aroused                                             41 %
                                       Happy                                             41 %
                                      Sleepy                                             38 %

Along with various other strands of medicinal Marijuana, and most CBD products, this also houses a list of medicinal benefits. While there are numerous benefits to the Purple Panty Dropper strain, there are only the top five in this section.

               Health benefits, and medicinal uses                                                  %
                                            Pain                                                 25 %
                                            Stress                                                22 %
                                        Insomnia                                                19 %
                                     Muscle Spasms                                                 19 %
                                      Depression                                                 13 %

Now, on a darker note, wait, there are no potential long term side effects? Wow, that’s weird, I thought there were. Anyways, here is a list of the side effects, so that you’re not taken aback when you purchase and inevitably consume the strain.

                          Side Effects / Drawbacks                                                   %
                                          Dry eyes                                                   13 %
                                       Dry mouth                                                   13 %
                                        Anxious                                                    5 %
                                        Headache                                                    5 %
                                         Paranoid                                                    5 %

Lab Results

While there are no active terpenes in this Purple Panty Dropper Strain, there is also no excess cannabinoids ether. The only two active Cannabinoids or Terpenes are the cannabinoids of THC and CBD. This strain is THC dominant and contains 13 % to 21 % THC. On the other side of that, the Cannabidiol is less than 1 % within this strain.

About Purple Panty Dropper

Purple Panty Dropper, as stated above, is a Hybrid bred from the triad of Purple Haze, Matanuskan Mist, and Oregon Grape strains, and is considered an Indica Dominant Strain with it being 70 % Indica and 30 % Sativa. The thing this CBD Hemp Flower is most proud of is its aphrodisiac effect.