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Privacy Policy

What is Our Privacy Policy?

Well, we’ll tell you everything from what we inform you of what personal information we keep, and more. We will let you know what we send out, what stays logged into our site, and what you don’t have to input. We will also explain what use of data methods are available to you, is there anything in place to ensure that your information never gets misplaced, and what you’ll be able to do to remedy any errors in your personal information.

Placing Orders

When you place an order, for billing purposes, we will need your full name, your physical address, your email (if you want), your credit or debit card number, the expiration date of said card, the CVC number on the card to ensure that it’s accurate. We only use this information to push through purchases, confirm your age, and send the product to you. We will never use your information to solicit you or to give it to a third party. However, if you want, you can check the box that allows us to send you specials, deals, price slashes, updated privacy policy, and newsletters.

Sharing, Collecting and Using Your Information

We only collect your information for this site, and we use it to ensure that we can confirm your purchase, where we need to send it to, to confirm your age, and so that we can easily pull from it later. We will never share, sell, or otherwise misuse any of the information that you give to us on this site. It is secure, and only we can see your information.

What Can You Do with Your Information that’s Given to us?

Well, the information is yours, and as stated above, we will not misuse it in any way. However, we understand that some people don’t like the information stored in a database. So we offer the following solutions. What you can do anytime is contact us via email or phone, and as for us to delete any information we have on you. Check what information we have on you, if any, remedy any information that we have on file if it’s incorrect or wrong, and express any concerns that you have about your information.

What is Our Cookies Policy?

We do use cookies as a way to track users on the site. However, we don’t track any personal information. Rather, we just use it to better structure your experience on our site. For example, with cookies, we can identify previous users so that we can personalize your site experience. This can track products purchased before, store your login information, and what your preferences are so we can build a recommended list for you.

Other partners and our companies credit card company also tracks you on our site with cookies, and they are also held to the standard of the same no share data policy that we use for this site and have to comply as such.

Our Image Policy

You may not use these pictures or any on our site for any purposes. They are all copyrighted, and violators will be prosecuted to the full extent if they breach this contract.

Security of the Site

We ensure that your information is handled safely on and offline. You can ensure that the page is secure in your browser by looking for the https, as well as the lock bar on the address bar too. This is so that the information is secure, and after your information is entered into the site, it will be encrypted and sent to us. The only people with access to this information will be people who work in these areas, including the customer service team and the credit team. The computers with this information on it are locked up and safe, and only people with proper access are allowed to access your information.