Jack Frost CBD Hemp Flower
Jack Frost CBG Hemp Flower – 13.59% CBD , 0.00% Delta-9 THC
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Jack Frost CBG Hemp Flower – 13.59% CBD , 0.00% Delta-9 THC


With a high that is uplifting and euphoric, you may want to try some Jack Frost, it won’t freeze you, but it will make you feel like Christmas. This strain has a euphoric high that can make anyone taking it feel happy.


So, with this being said, what are the possible effects of this strain of Marijuana? You may be wondering how it makes you feel or how it will affect your ability to do things. Well, it won’t change your daily routine, but it does have some side effects. It also has some great medicinal uses, which is why it is medically legal now. So let’s dive into the information.

Some of the potential feelings you’ll have while smoking or consuming Jack Frost are stated above, like happiness, euphoria, and an uplifting mood. However, all of these below will give you insight not only into how you’ll feel but exactly what you’re getting into when you buy this strain.

                               What you’ll feel                                                 %
                                       Euphoric                                              66 %
                                        Happy                                             62 %
                                       Uplifted                                             56 %
                                       Relaxed                                            47 %
                                       Creative                                             40 %

Now onto the medicinal side of things. Weed has become legal, and specifically, hemp for medicinal use as may of the strains have a plethora of health benefits, and all of them have at least one even if it’s CBD or if its Marijuana. There are a ton of benefits, and not all of them are outlined below, but Jack Frost can be your friend if you need him for any of these health benefits.

                Benefits and Medicinal Uses                                               %
                                         Stress                                              40 %
                                    Depression                                              32 %
                                        Anxiety                                              29 %
                                         Pain                                              23 %
                                        Fatigue                                               17 %

However, like many other drugs in existence, this strain is no stranger to side effects. Its side effects are a bit easier to overcome when compared to let’s say Adderall. They both can help with ADHD, but Adderall has a plethora of side effects, one of which is the loss of appetite. On the other side of that, Jack frost has an Anxious side effect, and it only lasts for the duration of the high.

                              Possible side effects                                      Chance %
                                       Dry mouth                                            32 %
                                      Dry eyes                                            22 %
                                      Paranoid                                            10 %
                                        Dizzy                                              9 %
                                      Headache                                              5 %

There are other side effects less likely than these, and they are all possible. However, none of them are long-term effects, and you can continually use Jack Frost without damaging side effects. Along with this, the health benefits are more significant than just the five shown, as I’ve stated, it can help with ADHD and other medical diagnoses. There are more feelings than only the five above stated as well. This is just a list of the top five feelings, medicinal uses, and adverse effects of the strain.

Lab Results

Well, this is going to be a short lab result as there are no other Cannabinoids other than THC at a high of 23 %, which is legal, and there are no terpenes to be seen in the strain.

About the Jack Frost Strain

The Jack Frost stain is a Sativa dominant hybrid that was derived from breeding the combination of Northern lights # 5, White Widow, and Jack Herer.