Indoor Alien Dream CBD Hemp Flower
Indoor Alien Dream CBD Hemp Flower – 16.42% CBDa , 0.00% Delta-9 THC
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Indoor Alien Dream CBD Hemp Flower – 16.42% CBDa , 0.00% Delta-9 THC


Medicinal researchers are always on the lookout for the newest cure-all supplement. However, they have come to a consensus in recent years, and with a lot of backing with research, they decided that a new cure-all is CBD. More commonly known as Hemp and Marijuana. The cannabinoid properties help people with daily problems. Moreover, they have discovered that mixing certain cannabinoids can produce a higher yield in medicinal qualities. This means that through various combinations of every single cannabinoid, this could be an all-purpose cure-all.

So the Indoor Alien Dream strain is actually a balanced hybrid and is derived from Purple Dream and Bob’s Kush. This best of both worlds breed has an earthy and peppery aroma and tastes like pepper with a hint of citrus. Now, what do you need to know to make an informed decision about the product? Let’s get down to it, and talk about everything you need to know about the Indoor Alien Dream strain.

There are a plethora of health benefits that are associated with this strain, and there are also some feelings that you’ll get while using this strain.

                       Feelings                  Medicinal Uses              Potential Side Effects
                      Creative                         Stress                      Dry Mouth
                      Giggly                          Pain                      Dry Eyes
                      Hungry                         Anxiety                      Paranoid
                     Relaxed                       Depression                       Dizzy
                     Sleepy                        Insomnia                     Headaches

What is in the Indoor Alien Dream CBD Hemp Flower Strain?

Well, this is an important part of the strain. It is what is within the product, and is what makes a product legal, and able to be consumed. This will tell you all of the cannabinoids and the terpenes within the strain. There are over 104 cannabinoids in a typical cannabis plant, and all of them can be used for good. They all have certain medicinal properties, and with new combinations being researched daily, there’s always going to be a new strain that has more medicinal properties in them. This is one of them with seven active Cannabinoids and six active terpenes. There are so many new strains coming out, and it’s hard to keep up with. That’s why these lab results are worth checking out. Maybe in the future, they will make a strain with the same profile, just with more added cannabinoids and terpenes to maximize their medicinal uses.

 Cannabinoids  Level %   Terpenes  Level %
 THC  28%  Beta Myrcene  .5%
 CBD  1%  Alpha Pinene  .17%
 CBN  .1%  Limonene  .04%
 CBDV  .1%  Linalool  .04%
 CBD-A  .1%  Beta Caryophyllene  .02%
 CBC  .1%  Terpinolene  .01%
 CBG-A  .6%