Indica Kush CBD Hemp Flower
Indica Kush CBD Hemp Flower – 15.99% CBD , 0.10% Delta-9 THC

Indica Kush CBD Hemp Flower – 15.99% CBD , 0.10% Delta-9 THC


An Indica Kush that is both great medicinally and is popular with the users is the Stephen Hawking Kush. It was bred by pollinating female Indica Harle-Tsu, with the male Indica of Sin City Kush. This blend is a calming high that is both pleasing to the nose and the tongue. It smells earthy and tastes fruity and sweet. It has hints of either cherry or berry, depending on the type of stain you get.

Below, we’ll detail everything you need to know when purchasing the Stephen Hawking Kush. There are some things to consider, like the effects it has on the body and the exact amount of cannabinoids and terpenes within the plant.


When you’re looking into buying any particular strain, you will probably think about how it will affect you first. There are certain things to know about the strain, including how it will make you feel, what it can be used medicinally for, and what are it’s potential side effects.

Let’s start with the feelings you can get from the Stephen Hawking Kush strain. What will you feel? Happy, Uplifted, Creative, Relaxed, aroused, or what? Well, that’s what we’ll show you. The top five feelings users get and the percentage of users saying they get the feeling.

                  How will you feel on this strain?                                              %
                                      Relaxed                                             68 %
                                      Happy                                             55 %
                                      Euphoric                                             28 %
                                      Focused                                             28 %
                                      Uplifted                                              26 %

The other thing that you need to take into consideration when buying your strain is how it works medically. What uses and potential benefits does it have for you? Does it help with attention, pain, anxiety, depression, ADHD, or what? Well, let’s detail the top five medicinal uses and benefits for the Stephen Hawking Kush strain below.

                      What are the medicinal uses                                                     %
                                          Pain                                                 31 %
                                       Anxiety                                                 26 %
                                      Migraines                                                 26 %
                                          Stress                                                  23 %
                                        Fatigue                                                  18 %

Finally, the potential side effects. What are they? You should know that every drug has a side effect, and some of the lists are rather large. What are the side effects of the Stephen Hawking Kush strain has? Let’s go over the top five side effects and the percentage of people having them.

                         Potential side effects                                                %
                                        Dry eyes                                                15 %
                                      Dry mouth                                               13 %
                                          Dizzy                                                2 %
                                      Headache                                                2 %
                                       Paranoid                                                 1 %

Lab Results

Lab results are the legal capacity that any particular strain can have. What is the maximum allowed percentage that all strains are allowed to contain? Well, for the Stephen Hawkings strain, they are rich in both cannabinoids as well as terpenes.

          Cannabinoids                   Level %                Terpenes                 Level %
                  THC              5 % – 12 %       Beta Caryophyllene                    .36 %
                CBD                     13 %        Alpha Humulene                     .18 %
                CBN           Less than .1 %        Beta Myrcene                     .18 %
              THC – A                   .87 %           Limonene            less than .1 %
              8 – THC                   .87 %            Linalool            Less than .1 %
                CBD – A                  14.32 %            Alpha Pinene            Less than .1 %
                  CBC                   .07 %
                  CBG                    .12 %
                CBG – A                    .14 %