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Wisconsin Hemp Flower – Enjoy The Vast CBD flavors & Distinct Products

Who is Wisconsin Hemp Flowers?

The dispensary has been in business for quite some time now. Wisconsin Hemp Flowers over time, and it is now one of the busiest locations in the state of Wisconsin. Customers enjoy the vast flavors as well as the distinct products that cannot be found in other places. The company has grown in size, and the high price ranges have remained relatively low. The company is known for its generosity of gifting customers prerolls with every order and much more. The company is focusing on pushing more products to farmers’ markets as well as local businesses as well.

How did the company come about?

  • The owner, Luke Heidt, began the company after he realized his joy for agriculture. He initially started growing CBD hemp flower for private and personal use. Realizing the potency of his product and how well he had grown his skill, he then decided to expand his practice.
  • The dispensary has grown over time, and it is now one of the busiest locations in the state of Wisconsin. Customers enjoy the vast flavors as well as the distinct products that cannot be found in other places. The company has grown in size and the great price ranges.

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Is the website user-friendly?

  • Wisconsin Hemp Flowers has a user-friendly website that makes it very easy for anyone to navigate. The colors on the webpage are white, black, and the occasional green, which compliments the scenic pictures in the background.
  • The font is a pretty nice size and not too fancy for readers to enjoy. The tabs are clearly labeled, and everything appears to be in the perfect space. Everyone can easily browse or shop through the website with its simplistic, but fashionable design.

What kind of products are offered?

This company offers many types of CBD hemp flowers, as well as various products. You can purchase CBD hemp buds from Wisconsin Hemp Flowers, CBD tinctures, and Decarboxolated Hemp Ice Water Bubble Extract.

Are there any unique products?

  • Due to the fact that all of the products are homegrown, each item has its quirks and pleasantries. One product that it sort-of new to the CBD industry is the Decarboxolated Hemp Ice Water Bubble Extract.
  • The company provides 10 capsules per order which contain full-spectrum hemp extract that does not have any other ingredients or solvents involved.

How is the quality of the products?

  • The products are very consistent and potent. The farmers at Wisconsin Hemp Flower ensure that all products that are shipped to customers are offered at the highest quality possible.
  • Customers can rest assured that this company provides excellent quality products.

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What payment methods are accepted?

  • Paypal is the only merchant processor that is apparent on the website, which is great for protecting small businesses as well as protecting the customer’s investment. Paypal does accept many types of cards from different payment processors, so your card should work.
  • Visa and Mastercards are the two most common processors that are used. If you have other cards, you may contact PayPal for information because that is the only system that the website uses.

Are there any coupons or promotional codes?

  • Wisconsin Hemp Flower does have a promotion that is currently running. All orders currently receive a free gram of Indoor Cherry Wine with their orders. And, any orders over $50 will receive a free 1000 mg Salve of Homegrown Hemp Flower.
  • There is no timeframe or end date posted on the website for this promotion, so it may or may not be an ongoing thing. Wisconsin Hemp Flower does state within the website that there are new deals posted every month. There is even a dedicated tab for the monthly specials area.

What are their shipping and return policies?

For starters, Wisconsin Hemp Flower gets five stars for the double vacuum-sealed packages, which happen to be smell proof. Each package is shipped in these odor-proof containers regardless of the size. Products are shipped through the United States via Priority Mail. The company ensures that the products are delivered in a very discreet manner, and orders also contain short details and disclaimers about the product.

  • The orders are being shipped Monday, Wednesday, and Friday, so orders are going out every couple of days on average. Tracking numbers are also provided within 24 hours after the packages have been dropped with the posting service. Customers are pleased with the shipping aspects of the company.

How are customer services?

The customer service is excellent, and the responses are fairly quick. There is contact information on the website for the customers to reach out to the company. And, there is an information box for customers to input their information as well.


Seeing that Wisconsin Hemp Flower is not a very large or franchised retailer, does not take away from the product quality or the company’s professionalism. The company does not make any health claims related to the sale or consumption of CBD hemp products. However, the company does fully stand behind its products.

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The owner asks that customers restrain from traveling with open packages in public areas. Although all 50 states have legalized the use of CBD hemp products, it is better to consume the products in a more reserved manner. Some states do not allow the use of marijuana products, and since CBD products are similar in fashion, it is safer to follow your state laws.

The company follows all legal laws and regulations along with the proper certifications. The farmers and growers are well educated in their area of expertise as this was a personal CBD hemp farm before the owners decided to take it public. The company has been very successful throughout its trials and errors. Wisconsin Hemp Flower is an excellent company for you to start your CBD hemp vendor journey with.