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Wildflower Hemp Co. Sells Top Quality CBD Flowers To Trim For Customers

Hemp and CBD products are all the rage at the moment. As of 2019, 46 states allow the use of some form of the cannabis plant. There are plenty of reasons why people enjoy these products. For people undergoing cancer treatments like chemotherapy, CBD has been shown to relieve the side effects like vomiting, pain, and nausea. Studies have also shown that CBD helps regulate mood disorders, such as anxiety and depression. It also reduces chronic and physical pain. People coming off of opioids can reap the benefits of CBD products. So when looking for quality hemp and CBD products, look no further then Wildflower Hemp Co. Buy Craft Hemp! Buy from Wildflower Hemp Co, among one the top hemp vendors!

The Team at Wildflower Hemp Co

Three people make up the backbone of this company.

Wildflower Hemp Co

  • Gary: the founder and the creator of Wildflower Hemp Co.
  • Steve: the head of operations of Wildflower Hemp Co.
  • Kelly: the head of plant care for Wildflower Plant Co.

Wildflower Hemp Co is based out of Oregon.

How It Got Started

Gary started to learn about cannabis in the early 2000s. His knowledge helped create the outstanding products that he and his team cultivate.


The website is pretty user-friendly. The navigation menu is in the middle at the top of the homepage. The site has a stylish, earthy vibe to it. The pictures of the products are very well done. All in all, it’s easy to navigate throughout the website.


There is an array of beautiful products that the company sells. The company does state in its disclaimer section on the website that there are no guarantees that the customer will pass a drug test when using their products.

  • CBD flower
  • CBG flower
  • CBD concentrate
  • CBD tincture
  • CBD topical
  • CBD aromatherapy
  • Apparel

They also sell CBD pre-rolls. They cost $10. The pre-rolls weigh 1 gram. They come packaged in a black vinyl tube.

The types of CBD flowers that they sell are:

Colorado flowers

  • Colorado
  • Cherry Wine
  • Siskiyou Gold
  • Canna Blush
  • The White CBG
  • Lifter
  • Dry Sift
  • Bubba Kush

There are two types of CBD concentrates:

CBD concentrates

  • Ringo’s Live
  • Shatter

There are three types of CBD tinctures:

CBD tinctures

  • Awaken
  • Sleepy Time
  • Original

There are a variety of items in the apparel section of the website, which include:

  • tees
  • tote bag
  • coffee mug
  • hats
  • beanie
  • tank tops
  • hoodie

Special Products

Two of the most popular products that Wildflower Hemp sells are the Shatter CBD concentrate and the Bubba Kush CBD flower. Customers thoroughly enjoy both of these products.

CBD Shatter has 87% cannabinoids. It is 100% clean and is only made with a natural extract. It comes in a dab- able form. It has an excellent effect that can be felt right away. It’s recommended for people who suffer from anxiety and chronic pain. The taste has earthy undertones and similar to cherry-flavored cough syrup. There are plenty of positive reviews on this product. It was voted the #1 hemp concentrate in Oregon by the Oregon Leaf Magazine. The prices are:

1 gram $30.00
5 grams $120.00
14 grams $260.00
28 grams $420.00

Bubba Kush is one of the top-selling CBD flowers on Wildflower Hemp’s website. It has 17.15 CBDa less than .3 THC. It is hand-trimmed from the indica CBD hemp strain. It is known to relieve stress and to help with sleep. It can also create a healthy appetite. It has a delicious sweet flavor as well. The prices are:


1/8 $30.00
1/4 $45.00
1/2 oz $70.00
1 oz $100.00
QP $300.00


Wildflower Hemp Co sells top-quality CBD flowers. Many customers have left positive reviews of the CBD concentrates and CBD flowers.


This company takes great care in selecting the best flowers to trim for its customers. The flowers are all hand-trimmed. Some plants are grown in greenhouses, and some are outdoor plants.

Payment Methods

There are three payment methods. Customers can pay with a credit card via Square. There is an option for direct bank transfer, which entails putting money into a bank account and then using the order ID as a payment reference. Then the item will be shipped once the funds clear into the company’s account. Then there is an option to use Cash App.

Coupon Codes

During the Christmas season, Wildflower Hemp Co is offering a 20% off Christmas sale with a coupon code. There is also a newsletter to subscribe to that will send coupon codes throughout the year. also has some coupon codes for January 2020.

Shipping & Return Policies

CBD Pre-Rolls

Wildflower Hemp Co only ships within the US. Customers can choose between standard or priority shipping. Customers can also return products that are new, unused, or unopened within 30 days of receiving their package, and they will get a full refund. If the customer receives a wrong or defective product, they will receive a full refund plus the shipping cost.

Customer Service

Customers seem to be happy with the service they receive from Gary. Whenever a customer contacts the company via the website or social media, Gary, the owner, is the one who responds to the questions and concerns of the customers. He cares about satisfying his customers.

All in all, Wildflower Hemp Co is a great company to purchase any hemp and CBD products. For customers with physical ailments, there’s the CBD topical cream. For customers suffering from anxiety or depression, there’s the tinctures, CBD pre-rolls, or the CBD aromatherapy. This company sells many different products for whatever way a customer would like to sample a CBD product. Everything is grown by a small team, who take pride in their products. Discover the benefits of CBD!