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Plain Jane CBD Leads Odorless Possibilities To CBD Buds Or flowers

CBD has hit the market running and leaping. The benefits are infinite, and no one understands this better than Plain Jane, a company focused on selling cannabis in multiple different options. They desire to make products that anyone can enjoy.

Products Available

They work with licensed farmers from the south of Oregon to grow cannabis for products.

Their ideas started with:

  • Hemp Cigarettes
  • Pre-rolled Joints

Plain Jane CBD products

Then they moved onto other products such as:

  • CBD Buds
  • CBD Isolate
  • CBD Full-Spectrum Shatter
  • CBD Oil

They began with cigarettes because they wanted to create a non-addictive, virtually odorless alternative to tobacco. They wanted to leave the benefits known to be associated with CBD while removing the smell that is connected with cannabis of any kind.

They do offer a full flavor option in their cigarettes, which do give a similar taste and smell to one of their pre-rolled joints.

Then there are their CBD buds or flowers that come in many options for different preferences. All without the effects of high THC, which is what gives people the psychoactive effects of regular marijuana.

Special Products ( product & quality in terms, Price )

Some options listed on their website include:

  • Elektra – which is stated to have a citrus-like flavor
  • Sour Space Candy – which is said to have a sweet and sour flavor
  • Kush – which is supposed to give a similar taste to original regular marijuana
  • Stress Killer – said as lemony and good for smoking in the day time

These, of course, are only a few of the options included for CBD buds. They also have a sampler pack with 1 gram of four different kinds, with options of which four different types of people would like to try.

Their cheapest items start with a lighter, or rolling papers and then the first option for pre-rolled joints. Their most expensive thing at the base level is their CBD oil, but when buying their buds, the price increases according to how many grams a person is buying. Therefore, those prices can easily reach into the hundred price range but start lower for fewer grams.

Lab certificates can be found on the website. Each shows that the products of Plain Jane are of high quality with two lab certificates and passes on the following inspections:

  • Pesticide Test
  • Heavy Metals Test

Plain Jane Elektra CBD

A Simple Website: Plain Awesome Choices

With so many options, thankfully, Plain Jane’s website,, is straight forward and easy to use. The first thing a potential buyer will see upon getting to the main page is the company name, Plain Jane, along with a flowing screen below it.

In this screen, four images flow by, with the words ‘Plain Jane Hemp’ or ‘Hemp Cigarettes’ on top. Then below that is the shop now option. If they scroll down on the page, they will also find a featured items list

At the head by the company name, a potential buyer has the opportunity to click one of the available links with the following titles:


  • All Products
  • Hemp Flower
  • Wholesale
  • Blog

All the products link brings a visitor to the products page and is the source for all the available products, and the blog link brings them to the Plain Jane blog.

Clinking on the hemp flower link brings them to a page with all the CBD bud options. In the description of the page, some links would bring a visitor to pages to either learn about what CBD hemp flower is or learn about how the hemp sold by Plain Jane is grown.

Plain Jane CBD Effects

The wholesale link, on the other hand, opens up a page with a form where potential businesses could get Plain Jane products in their store.

Purchasing Is Painless

From the all products page or featured products page, a customer can add products to their cart. The selection is simple and easy. A potential buyer scrolls through until they find their desired item. They then clink on the subject, select from options on the product page, then add it to their cart. They can continue to shop and add more products or head to check out.

The checkout process is straightforward. Plain Jane only takes credit/debit card payments, but they do offer free shipping for US orders that are $30 or more. If a business decides to buy wholesale from them, they cut many of the prices of the items to help on the wholesale side of it.

Shipping and Return Policies

When shipping, there are multiple options for US delivery:

  • USPS Priority, which can take 2 or 3 days.
  • USPS First Class which can take 2 to 5 days.
  • UPS 2nd Day Air, which can take 2 days.
  • UPS Ground Shipping, which can take 5 days.

Plain Jane takes 1 to 3 days to ship products from their center once a customer’s payment is processed. The shipping time starts after they have shipped out the item.

They do accept most unopened items for a full refund, except shipping charges, within 7 days of the customer receiving the item. The customer must email the company and then inform them of the issue and that they will be returning it. The customer has to provide the company with a shipping number for tracking once the item is sent back. Once the item is received, the company will then issue a refund.

Plain Jane CBD

They provide both an email address and a phone number on the contact page of their website; these can be used to get in contact with the company for customer service issues. They also offer a simple form for a customer to fill out if they would rather the company contacts them. The customer must provide their name, phone number, email, and message.

Through its website, the company offers an impressive list of products. They are changing the idea of CBD and giving opportunities for everyone to enjoy CBD. The list quality products with options for a fair price in consideration of the market. They show that cannabis is coming from a safe and reliable source.

Overall, Plain Jane seems genuine with high expectations. A CBD hemp vendor worth purchasing from.