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Hemp Worldwide Gives Quality Hemp Flower Direct From Their Farms

The roaring 20s have come in with a bang. Marijuana business owners, growers & producers, and investors are waiting with bated breath to see how the evolving legislation will continue to affect the marijuana industry. With Illinois being the most recent state to legalize recreational marijuana, there is a sense of optimistic anticipation of great things to come in this industry. The nearly $3.2 million in sales on the first day is a catalyst for cannabis businesses in the state. Reaching a pivotal milestone, they can look forward to revenue generated in the form of taxes and job creation as a result of legalizing marijuana.

With the revenue generated on the first day of sales in the state, it can make anyone wonder why other states are dragging their feet to come on board with the legalization of marijuana. In 2018, states received millions of dollars in tax revenue as a result of marijuana sales. With Washington State topping the list at $319 million, it begs the question, what’s taking so long for other states to get their act together?

Why are they so reluctant to get in the game? With the numerous economic benefits, job creation is at the top of the list, the revenue from marijuana sales in some states have increased local tax revenue by 10% to 37%. So, again, what’s the holdup? In addition to the increase in tax revenue, job creation is another major benefit for states. Due to the federal laws, the Bureau of Labor Statistics does not report job gains in this industry, however, a report from Leafly shows the number of jobs created in 2018 was over 300,000 jobs due to marijuana legalization.

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According to the Pew Research Center, 67% of Americans support marijuana legislation in one form or another. Their research shows that Democrats are more in favor of legalization with 78% in support, while only 55% of Republicans are in support of it. With the 2020 elections looming, one may think the tides could turn depending on who the next Commander-In-Chief will be. Regardless of the political climate, there clearly is a demand for marijuana.

Issues such as parents with ailing children in desperate need for treatments and adults in need of alternatives to pain management can present compelling arguments to continue the push for national legalization. For many, prescription medicines are not preferred or desired as treatments. This leaves other choices for patients to consider among which includes marijuana therapy. Regardless of the reasons for demand, it is clear the roaring 20s are already shaping up to be a very historical decade with many more changes to come.

Let’s talk about Hemp Worldwide.

Located in Southern Oregon, Hemp Worldwide offers high-quality hemp flower products. They provide a wide selection of highly concentrated CBD flower strains that are organically grown on their farm. Ensuring the highest quality, they follow strict guidelines mandated by the US government and the state of Oregon.

Smoke it, Rub it and Store it.

If you can smoke it up or rub it on, Hemp Worldwide has it. They even have a nicely designed storage jar for your hemp flowers that proudly display their company logo. Their hemp flower brand descriptions include words like diesel, candy & special sauce. With names like those, who can resist?

Hemp smoke

  • The NY CBD Diesel Strain is their organically grown hemp flower containing a high concentration of CBD. With a 16.84% concentration, this strain is lighter in color and smells like what else other than diesel.
  • The Sour Space Candy strain has distinct citrus and tropical fruit aromas. One of the favorites, this strain gives users an adventurous experience and has a CBD concentration of 18.45%.
  • The Hawaiian Haze strain ranges from $22.50 to $85 in prize and has a CBD concentration of 16.35%. With a smooth tropical taste, this flower is surely a crowd-pleaser.

Hemp Worldwide carries a wide selection of pre-rolls that are filled with organically grown fresh ground hemp flowers direct from their farm. The Lifter pre-rolls give a slow burn for long-lasting pleasure. With 19.74% CBD concentration, why waste time rolling them yourself when you can get right to the enjoyment.

  • For sprinkling, you can use the fluffy yet dense HW Space Dust. Ranging from $35 to $50, this CBD hemp dust has a concentration of 32.4%. There‚Äôs only one word to describe it – WOW!
  • The Full Spectrum CBD Tincture packs a big punch in a small bottle. Made with all-natural ingredients, it has 1500 mg of CBD. With ingredients derived from coconut oil, you can place it under your tongue for fast absorption.

Hemp Worldwide Superstar.

The Worldwide featured product is the Kush Hemp E1 Strain. The first of the 2019 harvest, this is their most popular strain. Consisting of highly dense buds and medium to large in size, this flower has a fruity undertone. Customers have stated this strain is mellow and relaxing and is the prettiest hemp flower they’ve ever seen.

If you buy it, they ship it.

Hemp Worldwide offers special deals for its winter sale. With reduced sale prices at 15% off, they give free shipping on orders $50 or higher. If you are a new customer ordering for the first time, they offer a 10% discount on your entire order. They take all debit and credit card payments and ensure secure ordering on their encrypted order form. With shipping rates ranging from $5 to $10, Hemp Worldwide makes ordering a breeze like many other hemp vendors.

NY CBD Diesel Strain

Hemp Worldwide provides the highest quality hemp flower products direct from their farm. Organically grown, you can be sure they will deliver the best products with the highest concentration of CBD extract right to your door. They are compliant with the 2018 U.S. Farm Bill and licensed with the Oregon Department of Agriculture. None of their products have been evaluated or approved by the FDA.

Visit Hemp Worldwide today to take a look at their organic product line. Their boutique products are sure to have something to tickle your fancy.