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Fields of Hemp Offers Various Strains Buds Or Flowers

Who is Fields Of Hemp?

Fields of Hemp is a family-owned operation that was founded and grown in South Oregon. The company offers an excellent range of organic, all-natural products. Fields of Hemp has shown tremendous growth over the years. Everything is processed and manufactured in house, so every bud of CBD is watched closely from start to finish.

The company takes great pride in its ability to provide natural products to the public at such affordable prices. The Department of Agriculture verifies most of the harvest that is grown at Fields Of Hemp. If this source is not available to check the harvest, te owners also work with some of the offices in Oregon that are accredited to test and approved each crop for quality and compliance.

How was the company established?

The company started as a small family farm, and it has merely grown from then. It was when the first harvest was tested for potency and certified, that the family decided to take the business public.

Fields of Hemp effects

Is the website user-friendly?

The website is very much user-friendly; the colors coordinate in a balanced manner. The white and dark background paired with the CBD hemp flower pictures and colorful lettering make it easy to glide through the system.

There is a search field at the top of the site that makes it easy to search for specific products. And, the tabs are marked, with nice sized fonts and working links. Anyone can operate this website on mobile devices, tablets, or computers.

What kind of products are offered?

Fields of Hemp provide various strains, but the company also provides buds or flowers in different consistencies than other hemp vendors brands. You can purchase small buds, shake or trim consistency, and there is a variety pack of assorted flowers as well. The CBD hemp flowers range from $30 to $60, depending on your selection.

If you are a friend of pre-rolls, you can purchase those on the site as well — these range from $8 to $90 in price. Customers are provided the luxury of selecting the number of prerolls that would suit their preferences.

Does the company offer unique products?

The CBD hemp bath bombs are indeed a product at the top of most customer’s wish lists. This unique product comes in lavender, lemongrass, Grapefruit with a touch of Tangerine, Eucalyptus, and Peppermint. Bath bombs come in a variety of colors that can be purchased in a single package or packages of five. This specific product ranges from $10 to $60, a considerable rate compared to other bath bombs on the market.

Fields of Hemp quality

Customer reviews have surfaced on the internet as well as the companies blog, and the bath bombs seem to be both relaxing and very cleansing.

How is the product quality

Customers are reasonably pleased with the quality of CBD flower that is offered at Fields of Hemp. There are several options to chose from, and the products tend to be consistently potent. Customers rave about the bath bombs and the great benefits they offer.

Our payment methods accepted?

If you plan on shopping with Fields Of Hemp, you may use any of the following processor methods, Visa, Mastercard, Discover, or American Express cards. The company accepts each form of payment.

Does the company provide any discount codes

The website currently has a promotion that offers one free pre-roll per 20 pack of pre-rolls that are ordered.

The other discount being offered is 20% off all orders that are purchased online, which is $45 or higher. ILOVEFOH20 is the current discount code for this offer.

Shipping and Return Policies

The company provides very discreet shipping on all orders that are shipped from within the company. There is no invoice included with the packaging, but the company does opt to add a helpful NOTICE TO LAW ENFORCEMENT letter to cease any legal issues. Each product order is shipped in double packaging. First, a re-sealable Mylar bag, which is commercially sealed and placed into generic boxes.

Fields of Hemp benefits

Customers are provided options on the preferred shipping method, which consists of Priority mail and Standard mail. Standard has the same delivery time as free mail. The company allows customers to customize their shipping requests in an attempt to provide more effective deliveries. The company clearly states that it cannot be held responsible for any orders that have been lost, stolen, or even seized. If theft or non-delivery occurs at any point, Fields Of Hemp cannot recover or replace any products. USPS mail is the carrier that the company prefers to use for all shipping methods as well. There is contact information explicitly provided for shipping inquiries.

Orders that are 8 ounces or larger do require additional time for things such as trimming and processing. These are the only packages that the company does not guarantee quick processing times. All other orders are shipped within 24 hours of ordering.

As far as the company’s refund policy is pretty much non-existent. Fields Of Flower makes it pretty clear that refunds are not accepted.

How is the customer service

The company is very good at replying to customers’ inquiries. The only thing about this company is the fact that it does not accept returns on any products, which is acceptable in this field. There aren’t any positive or negative feedback comments or reviews on the company’s customer service or work ethic, so we assume things are running pretty smoothly.

Company Recap

Each of the products offered from Fields of Hemp is guaranteed to contain very potent CBD hemp flowers. The company does not accept returns on any products, but there aren’t any reports of customers inquiring about returning any products either. This company has an excellent reputation that surrounds the bath bombs that customers enjoy. Some other products and flavors are trendy within the brand. Hawaiin Haze, along with the sampler pack (consisting of 8 different strains), are currently the best sellers.