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Empire Wellness – The Best CBD Products Under $10 To Around $75

Who is Empire Wellness?

This brand has done a great job of establishing a great name in the CBD industry. Empire Wellness provides top-quality CBD products. Being one of the top searched companies is one name you can’t really miss when looking for high-quality CBD products. Customers absolutely rave about the variety of products and flavors available at such decent prices.

Empire Wellness integrates naturally grown hemp from Colorado to perfect its products. The company has a high tech facility with some of the best tools to ensure that the products are properly taken care of and treated. They are practically considered leading experts because of their resourcefulness. The company does a great job of gathering and providing resources for the public. Because of the company’s strive for excellence, it works very closely with experts in various areas. These experts focus on things such as farming, fieldwork, technicians, growers and more. While this is not a requirement to mass-produce CBD hemp products, it is certainly helpful that the company takes the time to increase its knowledge and product quality.

Empire Wellness product

Website Structure and Usability

  • The website has a fairly simple structure. It allows for easy navigation for any users. There are organized tabs and topics at the top of the screen which makes it easier to locate things in a quicker fashion.


  • Empire Wellness does not currently offer any coupon codes however, there is an area for users to enter contact information to sign up for the companies newsletter. There is no proof of documented coupons but it is a way to find out about deals and discounts and new products, as this is a way to find out more about the company.
  • And, this is a method that is commonly used by big named companies to connect with its customers while providing discounts and coupon codes to its readers.

What type of products and prices are available?

Because the company offers some of the best CBD products around you would expect the prices to be very high. It comes as a surprise that Empire Wellness has great prices! The products range from just under $10 to around $75 and that is great for the quality.

  • Empire Wellness offers a very impressive product line. The most popular products are cough syrup drops and gummies. But there are also tinctures, oils, relaxation syrups and crystals available for purchase. You can purchase oils as crystal isolate, which is the purest form or you can use full-spectrum CBD oil tinctures.
  • There are various sizes available for most products which makes it easier to find the price range you are looking for. There is one property about the oils that many customers are not particularly fond of, the taste. The oils are not flavored and are particularly bland, as they can be used in many different ways, like the crystals. This is something to keep in mind while shopping for oils if you have a preferred taste.

Product Flavors

Along with the great variety in types of products, there is certainly plenty of flavors to choose from. Out of the 6 strains, the top 3 are

Narnia strain

  • Frost Bite,
  • Narnia
  • and Green Gum.

There is Fiona, Lemon Drop, and Grape Juice as well. You can purchase the CBD buds to use as you would like or you can purchase pre-rolled joints to enjoy the buds.

Shipping and Returns

  • The company ships throughout the United State and there are options for wholesale products to be shipped internationally. For products shipped within the United States, the company ships using USPS Priority mail to reach all 50 states.
  • Orders are processed within 24 to 48 hours from the order date and time. Orders are then received within 2 to 3 days preceding processing times. ​

Payment types

The company does accept

  • Bitcoin,
  • Visa,
  • and MasterCard and other forms of payment but these three seem to be the most frequently used.

Customer Service

Empire Wellness provides contact information such as a mailing address, email and 800 phone number. Customers have confirmed that it is a simple process to get in touch with customer service. The process is easy as long as you provide your order number the company is really good about returning memos and emails in a good time frame.

Empire Wellness

Pure CBD Product

  • The company really strives to make a difference in the world by providing great benefits along with high-quality CBD products to the public. Because the products are 100% CBD and free of THC, it is legal for products to be shipped anywhere in the United States. There are products of many sorts, types, and flavors for you to choose from so that you are able to enjoy your CBD experience. Empire Wellness is very focused forward on the fact that the public deserves to be more educated on things that are CBD related.
  • The company offers wholesale products for anyone that is looking to start their own business. Keep in mind that people also purchase wholesale products to save money on their products as well. Empire Wellness supplies products through consultations so it would be beneficial to email the company.
  • While Empire Wellness does not make any claims to alter, treat or heal any health conditions or concerns, users frequently rave about the quality products that are offered and how the effects provide deep feelings of calmness. The products do not contain any THC at all so drug screens will not be an issue. The company only sells products that are legal in all 50 states so everything is completely legal and safe to use.

There are resources and great information in the “Frequently Asked Questions” section if you are looking for more information on terpenes and CBD crystal Isolates if those are products that you are interested in.

Overall the hemp vendor has a great audience, the products are of great quality. The variety of flavors is a plus as well. As far as the website, it is fairly simple and easy to navigate for users of all ages. The company also uses third-party labs to ensure that the products are completely pure.