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Dr Ganja Vends For Some Of The Top Brands In The World

What is Dr. Ganga?

Dr. Ganja is a significant supplier of CBD and hemp products. The name was chosen to represent the overall brand while making it easy for the company to be located and memorable. The company expresses the challenges they encountered during the beginning stages of starting their company. Some of the main points of focus were being able to locate 1-800 numbers that would resemble in their domain names, all while remaining catchy and quirky.

The process was not very easy and slightly time-consuming, but it all worked out in the end. Dr. Ganja was born, and the rest was history. The name stood out, it seemed self-explanatory, and well, it was a fun name. Immediately after this discovery, the domain name was purchased, and things have been on the rise ever since.

How was Dr. Ganja established?

A partnership between the dispensary and renowned Doctor Vlad Nusinovich was formed, and the legalities were finalized. The dispensary now had every aspect of the business in order the only thing that was to complete all of the minuscule tasks and open for business.

dr ganja products

  • The best thing about the dispensary was the location and how easy it was for clients to be serviced. With the partnership with the doctor being located simply across the street, everything was working out. Dr, Ganja began creating its merchandise and promotional tools such as a new website, hats, shirts, cards.
  • Next to the proper paperwork and documentation was completed to ensure that everything was HIPPA-compliant within the database.

When was the company founded?

Dr.Ganja was founded in 2009. The idea sparked when the owners were working regular jobs, going out to enjoy the evenings with friends. The couple just so happened to make friends with the owner of AHHS, a dispensary in West Hollywood and decided to take a visit. This is the visit that changed every; the owners knew instantly that they wanted a position in the industry immediately!

  • The idea was expressed and became more cultivated through more extensive research. During this period, the laws are regulations in the state of California were more strict. They called for evaluations by a licensed MD to be able to obtain a medical card, which was also a requirement to be able to purchase products from dispensaries legally.
  • Dr. Ganja was created with the intent to change the aspects of the industry, to educate the public while providing the proper resources for evaluations. Dr. Ganja became the place that simplified the entire process, making legalized bud easier to come by, and this is why the company has thousands of repeat customers today.

Website Usability

  • The website has a nice layout that is very simple to use. The categories are divided into brand names, products, and much more. The sign-up process is practically effortless, and the company does protect the privacy of its users. Products, details, and pricing are all clearly stated. The overall website is easy to navigate!

Products and Quality

Dr. Ganja offers products of the highest quality to each of its customers. The company has a great variety of products that range from

  • crystals,
  • vape,
  • rubs,
  • full-spectrum,
  • high-CBD content herb,
  • flower,
  • pet tincture,
  • eye serum, and more.


The products on the website range from $15 to $100.

  • The best thing about Dr. Ganja is that the company vends for some of the top brands in the world. Although this is true, they are very safe about the partnerships and products that they allow in the company. Customers rave about the reasonable prices that tend to be better than the prices offered by their competitors.


  • Dr. Ganja conducts extensive research and product testing when the company is partnering with new brands.

Payment Methods

  • Dr. Ganja accepts the following forms: Visa, Mastercard, and American express.

Coupon Codes

  • The company is currently offering coupon code “2020” for discounts; however, there are ways to make money by partnering with the company. If you have purchased products from Dr. Ganja and you have shared with friends or family, there’s a chance that they would like to shop with Dr. Ganja.
  • By signing up with this hemp vendor, you will receive your code to share with others. Once this code is used, and you receive a percentage! This is great for anyone with a large following, friend base, college students, blog writers, or even vloggers.

Shipping and Return Policies

  • Returns are 100% Satisfaction Guarantee when you shop with Dr. Ganja. The company allows customers to return or exchange products for up to 30 days. Items must be in the original packaging with the original tags to ensure that it has not been tampered with or used. And, customers are responsible for costs related to shipping.

Customers may contact Dr. Ganja via phone, email, or any contact information that can be found on the website to discuss concerns, returns, or exchanges. The company has been excellent about their speedy contact and responses to customers.


Health Benefits of CBD

  • does offer free shipping on all of the domestic orders that are processed through the website. Orders are processed within 1 to 3 business days when they are received Monday through Friday. The average delivery time is also 3 to 5 business days. During high seasons and holidays, the shipping times may slightly vary, so the company requests that all inquiries be held temporarily.
  • Dr. Ganja asks that customers allow a maximum of 7 business days before contacting them regarding shipping matters. The company is great about accepting special delivery requirements. And, the most significant thing is that tracking numbers are provided for every single order.
  • Internation shipping is also provided with a period of 7 to 21 days; please refer to the website for more information on specific locations. Shipping rates are provided as well as quotes.

Dr. Ganja is the perfect vendor to partner with or shops with. The company is very reliable and attentive to its customers. The resources within Dr. Ganaja are practically endless. If you are new to the CBD world, this is a great company to start with.