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CBD Nugs Is Most Popular For Its Pre-Rolled Joint “Lifter”

Who is CBD Nugs

The team over at CBD nugs focuses on providing its customers with top-quality CBD hemp products. The company was designed with one goal in mind, to provide pure products to those who are interested in exploring the holistic and alternative options for reaching optimal health. Organic CBD Nugs does not make any health claims in conjunction with the products that the company provides. However, customers do enjoy the products that are offered and claims have been made regarding the great benefits that are offered as well. CBD products are supplied throughout the entire country due to the new laws and regulations that have increased the sales and legalistic aspects.

Organic CBD

  • Every single batch and harvest of CBD hemp products that are grown within the company is tested by a third-party lab. The product quality that is offered is amazing but the company’s values that are also instilled, provided added value to the overall brand. With CBD becoming more available in various areas, the company believes that it is very important.

derived from hemp is 100 % legal to buy, It’s important that we underline the importance of the hemp-derived concept. The purchase, sale or possession of hemp is legal in all the 50 states across the US. This is because hemp has no psychoactive effects.

How accessible is the website?

Organic CBD Nugs is relatively easy to navigate. The website has an all-white background with great visuals and details. Each product has nicely focused images that link directly to its individual shopping page.

What products are available?

You can definitely find high-quality CBD flowers within this company. There are a few products that customers rave about. The “Electra” and “Lifter” strains are the best sellers on the website. The company does not stress the potency of the products but the customers certainly speak on the outstanding quality and quite frequently.

  • There are multiple price ranges for each product. If you are looking to purchase CBD hemp flower from the company you have many options to choose from. You may purchase 1 gram for $8 all the way to an ounce of a flower which costs about $85.
  • For anyone looking to purchase more than 2 jars of CBD hemp, you the company provide wholesale pricing for you with added discounts as well.

Are there any special products offered?

  • Prerolled joints seem to be very popular. They are composed of some of the same strains that are offered in CBD Nugs.
  • “Lifter” is the most popular pre-rolled joint for this company. Like the other products, you can use the joints during the day or when you are ready to wind down and relax for the evening.

CBD Nugs

How is the product quality

The products that are provided are of great quality. Each harvest has been tested by a third-party lab which ensures that all products are legitimate. The CBD hemp that is offered provides very soothing effects, relaxation, and mental ease. These products are potent enough to be used at any time of day. Whether you want to start your day with a pre-rolled joint or end your day rolling your own hemp bud is completely up to you.

What payment methods are available?

Organic CBD Nugs accepts various forms of payment. The most common are

  • American Express,
  • Visa,
  • Master Card,
  • and Discover.

Shipping and Return Policies

Shopping with Organic CBD Nugs can be an extremely task but the shipping process is much easier. You can expect your items in the mail in a very swift manner. The company ships out orders from 24-48 business hours each order has been placed. Organic CBD Nugs prefers to use USPS mail as the carrier and all orders are set to First Class mail by default. If you would like to receive your orders even quicker you could definitely choose Priority Class mail on the website.

  • First Class mail ships with 5-7 business days, while Priority mail should arrive within 2-3 business days.
  • The company makes sure to provide tracking via email and text message so that each customer is aware of the time frame that their packages should be arriving.

Customer Service

  • The company focuses on the well being of each of its customers. With that being said, customer service is a very high priority.
  • There are customer service slots on the website which provide information sections for customers to go ahead with their information so the company can reach out.

There is also a phone number provided on the website for customers to call. The office hours posted on the website are from Monday to Friday.

CBD Nuggets recap

CBD terpenes

The company meets the requirements of each state law regarding CBD. This company surely holds great pride in its ability to deliver excellence. The CBD contains terpenes that help elevate the scents and aroma of each individual strain. There aren’t any harmful chemicals present in any of the products provided by this company. Everything is completely natural and that is one of the greatest benefits. The hemp is sourced from CBD Nugs’ very own hemp farm in Oregon. The products are also verified by the Oregon Department of Agriculture.

CBD is great for anyone that has been seeking alternative methods of pain relief or relaxation. It has been proven to ease symptoms related to anxiety, regulating sleep and appetite as well. The company has a great system for helping the public and responding to customers. There are six main strains of CBD Hemp Nugs that can be purchased on the website which allows customers to pick and choose. The product inventory is not simple nor is it overwhelming so it’s a great start for newcomers to find the perfect product for them. The pricing of each product is highly affordable while the quality stands alone at the top of the charts. This is the perfect place to get a start on your CBD journey.