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Buddha Hemp Offers A Range Of Fantastic Hemp Products.

Hemp is making a HUGE comeback and being honest, and we aren’t at all disappointed about this. If you are looking for a wide variety of premium CBD products, then look no further as Buddha Hemp offers its customers a range of fantastic hemp products.

If you have been searching for different hemp products but don’t know where to start searching, then we have you covered.

Buddha Hemp Vendor Review

Who Are Buddha Hemp?

Buddha Hemp is a hemp website that focuses on providing a wide array of hemp and CBD products to inserted buyers. The company prides itself on offering high-quality hemp products that range from health and wellness products to products that target pets.

Buddha Hemp

How Did Buddha Hemp Establish?

There is not too much information on how the company was first formed and established. However, we do know that they are relatively new in the community of online Hemp e-commerce stores.

Website Usability

Buddha Hemp’s website is straightforward to navigate and to explore. Situated at the tip pf their website, you will discover panels that link you to other parts of their website.

On the website, they offer you information on Hemp and CBD and explain the legal status of Hemp and CBD across the different States in America.

They also explain the different benefits that one may experience as a result of using their products.

Their FAQ page is chock loaded with several Questions and Answers that they give a sufficient amount of information.

If you are curious about Hemp and the legal status of it in your particular state, then this page will most definitely fill you in on all that you need to know.

Products Available

The products that you can expect to find on their website (and what they offer and provide their customers) are:

Now, these are just the different categories that they offer. In each of the categories, they provide various types of products that one can search through.

Whatever you may be looking for will most likely be found on this site.

Buddha Hemp PRODUCTS

Special Products

  • Hemp CBD Oil
  • Hemp CBD for Pets
  • Hemp CBD Gummies
  • Hemp CBD Capsules
  • Hemps CBD Topicals
  • Hemp CBD Wellness Products
  • Hemp CBD Bundle Packs and Gift Packs


As mentioned above, they offer a wide array of products, and they do so in different categories.

Here are just a few examples of their top-selling items:

  • Premium CBD Vegan Gummies 300MG
  • Premium CBD Vegan Gummies 300MG
  • Full Spectrum Hemp CBD Oil – 500MG
  • CBD Oil 500 MG – PM Formula
  • Buddha Box (300 mg Oil & Cream)

Quality in terms

Buddha Hemp takes great pride in the quality of their products.


The price you can expect t pay for their product are all determined on what you are purchasing. However, what we have noticed on their website is that many of the standard products (meaning one product) mostly ranges from $39.99 to $69.99. The bundle packages are priced around $109.99.


As we have shown above in the product section (please feel free to scroll back up and read), they offer an issue array of products. The selection of different hemp products is what makes this website stand out.

Payment Methods

The standard method of payment is Visa or MasterCard.

Buddha Hemp Effects

Coupon Codes

They offer FREE SHIPPING to anyone who makes purchases of over $45.

Shipping and Return Policies

Their shipping and return policy is (taken from their website):

All standard products come with a 30-day, money-back guarantee for new and unopened products based on the delivery date as provided by the shipper.

Customer Service

Buddha Hemp offers two different methods to reach customer service. You can either email them at, or you can reach out to them via there phone number at (305) 504-8967.

What Customers Are Saying

In our research, we have discovered very few customer reviews. However, the reviews that we have come across have been positive.


Arrived quickly, is very durable!! I use it for my school books, I can fit 3 filled binders in the big pocket, and I love that the side pockets are adjustable! So cute and so durable!! Happy I purchased this for sure!

Benefits Of Using Hemp

If we still haven’t sold you on the benefits of hemp, here are a few advantages that one can gain from incorporating hemp products into their diets and every day uses.

  • Hemp Seeds Are Incredibly Nutritious
  • May Help In Reducing Your Risk of Heart Disease
  • May Benefit Different Types Of Skin Disorders

Buddha Hemp benefits


Hemp is making a significant resurgence back into American Society. And we are ecstatic to be living in a time where Hemp and CBD products will no longer be vilified and seen as the panaceas they are.

Hemp offers so many benefits to people, and animals and the many positive and beneficial stories that we hear of Hemp and CBD providing people are astounding.

If you are searching for hemp vendors that provide their customers with exceptional and high-quality help products, then we highly recommend that you give Buddha Hemp a try.

The products are high quality, the shipping is free (as most of their products are priced in the $45 FREE SHIPPING range), and the services are exceptional.