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Blue Ridge Hemp Offers To Their Buyers High-Quality Products

Blue Ridge Hemp is a hemp website that has taken great strides in providing the populace the absolute best CBD products available. They take great pride in helping and educating the people about the many benefits that CBD can have on a person’s overall well-being.

In this article, we will be reviewing the Blue Ridge Hemp.

Blue Ridge Hemp Vendor Review

Who Are Blue Ridge Hemp?

Blue Ridge Hemp is a hemp website that focuses on pricing people the best hemp possible. The hemp they provide is geared towards helping people who suffer from chronic illnesses and pains. This is one of the primary missions, which you can read on this mission statement page here.

Blue Ridge Hemp effects

How Did Blue Ridge Hemp Establish?

Not too much is known about how this website, but it was first established in 2002. The purpose of this website was to build a website that would specialize in helping people overcoming chronic illnesses.

Website Usability

  • The website is straightforward to navigate, and the visual appeal is unique. We did, however, find that searching for their about page to be a bit demanding.
  • Not too demanding as it was situated at the bottom of the page. The most website always has the about page at the top of the page.
  • So this had thrown us off a bit.

Products Available

They offer a variety of different products with four significant products listed below.

The four significant products you will find on their website are:

  • Hemp Flower
  • CBD Topical
  • Hemp Tea
  • CBD Tincture
  • Special Products

Product & quality in terms:

The products they offer are high quality, and as a result of being a website that focuses on chronic illnesses, they have taken great strides in developing products that will help to alleviate and relieve many of these symptoms.


  • Now, Blue Ridge Hemp offers a wide array of products. But they are the first website we have visited that has such a wide price range.
  • You will be able to find products that are priced at $12 to products that are priced at $650.
  • Yes, you read that correctly. You can find items that are priced at ranges of $650.

Blue Ridge Hemp products


  • As we have already mentioned, they offer their buyers high-quality products.


Some of the products you can find on this website are:

  • Kush hemp strain connoisseur hemp blue js
  • Kush hemp strain connoisseur
  • Lifter strain hemp blue js
  • Sour space candy strain blue ridge selects flower
  • Hawaiian haze strain blue ridge flower – pound
  • Special sauce strain blue ridge flower-pound

Payment Methods

They offer their buyers several ways to purchase their products.

Some of the payment methods being:

  • Credit Card
  • Apple Pay
  • American Express

We did not see Paypal as a means to purchase their products, which is a bit shocking, as many Hemp websites usually offer this payment option.

Coupon Codes

On their website, they offer their buyers coupons and discounts. They have a 10% discount coupon that sits on the side, for any buyers who may visit their site.

In addition to that, they usually have sales and discounts on several of the product. They also offer free shipping for any purchases over $50.

Shipping and Return Policies

The shipping prices for their products are $6. Not too expensive. However, as we mentioned, if you make a purchase that is over $50, you will be able to get free shipping.

Blue Ridge Hemp benefits

Customer Service

You can reach out to there customer service via their contact page. There you will be able to send an email to them, or you can call them at (828) 333-0806 M-F 9 am-5 pm.


These reviews are taken from their Facebook Fanpage.

Zack Taylor

“Great product, my job is very physical. I was coming home so sore I have bursitis and lower back Sciatica. I tried the kush flower in minutes, the pain subsides, and I was up doing cores and playing with my daughter. I recommend this company to anyone, and they have a huge variety of products. Thanks, Blue Ridge Hemp Co.”

Sue Ellen Camden-Lee

“I strongly recommend Blue Ridge Hemp Co. and their wonderful products. Check them out, and you’ll love them too!”


Blue Ridge Hemp qualities

Phyllis Stoll

“I have used both the CBD infused oil and salve. The relief from nerve pain has been phenomenal. I will continue to use it until I die. I have referred 7 or 8 others to it; I know several who use it regularly now. Each one I referred, I gave a small sample from my jar to try a couple of days. Should I be paid a commission? Glad I can help others to get relief from nerve pain.”


We were delighted with the many products that Blue Ridge Hemp offers its buyers. However, where we were impressed was in their mission. The idea of helping those who suffer from chronic illnesses and conditions was a warming discovery.

If you are considering purchasing hemp products from vendors, then we highly recommend that you give Blue Ridge Hemp a try. They offer so many useful and helpful products. And thy do this by offering you coupons and discounts. If you are looking for a steal, then look further. Blue Ridge Hemp is a fantastic website that gives you precisely what you will want, but more importantly, what you will need.