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Twisted Hemp Wraps 100% Nicotine And Tobacco Free

Hemp, CBD and “The War On Drugs”

Thankfully, the laws governing the use of marijuana in the United States are changing. As laws concerning the recreational and medicinal use of the plant’s products continue to relax, more and more people will be able to experience the many beneficial uses of cannabis.

So far, 11 states, along with Washington, D.C., have seen fit to allow their citizens to utilize the plant’s many beneficial purposes without fear of being thrown in jail. Another 22 states have legalized its medical uses only but that is expected to change in the coming years as more states move towards legalization.

Well, that’s progress. The chances are that a “truce” of sorts will be called on the “war on drugs”. Taxpayers and lawmakers alike are questioning its validity.

Twisted Hemp Wraps

Why Smoke the Dried Hemp Flower?

  • Twenty years ago, it would have been impossible to buy any chemical derived from marijuana legally. Now that things are changing, cannabidiol (CBD) is widely available. If you are reading this, you probably know that cannabidiol is derived from the hemp plant.
  • Hemp plants high in CBD fall under a different classification than the marijuana plant, which is high in tetrahydrocannabinol (THC). Since THC is the chemical in marijuana that produces the “high”, technically that is the chemical which is illegal in some states.
  • CBD can legally be sold in all U.S. states if it contains less than 0.3% THC. In states where recreational use is legal, there are no restrictions on the CBD to THC ratio.
  • To get the full range of therapeutic effects from CBD, it is best to smoke Hemp.

Both CBD and THC are cannabinoids. Cannabis sativa (marijuana) contains over 460 phytochemicals besides CBD and THC. In addition to cannabinoids, the hemp plant also contains “terpenes.” Terpenes are the chemicals that are responsible for the soothing effect contained in the aroma of plants like sage and pine. They are also responsible for the bright odor of many citrus fruits. The exact nature and action of terpenes are little understood because of the synergistic effect they seem to have on the body. In fruit and vegetables, they no doubt enhance the medicinal properties of those

Different Strains of CBD High Hemp Flower

As with plants high in THC, there are many strains of hemp. Each strain is bread to produce slightly different effects. Hemp flowers can be dried and smoked just as can the more traditional form of the plants. A hemp wrap is a hemp cigarette or a “pre-roll” which contains little to no THC but is high in CBD. What follows below is a review and description of the product Twisted Hemp Wrap

Twisted Hemp Wraps High in CBD

Twisted Hemp Wraps are manufactured by a company called Canadian Hemp. They are the exclusive manufacturer of Twisted Hemp Wraps, and new products are currently being developed. The wraps contain only organic and non-GMO grown hemp. The hemp in these wraps has not been covered with weird chemicals and fertilizers. This is important to know when you are buying hemp wraps.

As with any other product, it is important to look into the quality and freshness of hemp wraps. For many, smoking dried hemp is the optimal way to get the full benefits of CBD. Also, the paper can be used to roll with.

Twisted Hemp Wrap Flavors

Twisted Hemp Wrap Flavors

Twisted Hemp Wraps come in several different flavors.

The flavors currently on the market including

  • Grape Burst
  • Endless Summer
  • Plain Jane
  • Tropical Breeze
  • Mango.

Twisted Hemp uses a slow drip process to lock the flavor and freshness into the wrap. It was developed by the designers of the product to ensure that the customer gets the flavor of the dip while smoking the wrap.

New flavors are constantly being produced, so stay tuned for updates and check out the website regularly.

100% Nicotine Free

I myself tried Grape Burst flavor. It smelled just like it sounds: Like Grape! It produces an extremely pleasant and pungent aroma reminiscent of grape juice, along with a flavor to match. The products are 100% nicotine and tobacco-free and they defiantly a good option for those trying to quit smoking. Much research is currently being done on the benefits of CBD for treating nicotine withdrawal.

As stated above some prefer to slice the wrap down its length with a razor blade and use the paper. Twisted Hemp Wraps can be used to roll “blunts” with exciting flavors that mix well with various strains of marijuana. This can be also a good option for people trying to avoid nicotine products.

The price is one of the best values on the market. They can be bought for about a quarter each. The most popular size seems to be 4 wraps for about a dollar. You can also buy Twisted Hemp Wraps in bulk. The bulk prices vary but Twisted Hemp Wraps can be as low as 0.10 to .015 USD each when bought this way. If you consume CBD or smoke a lot of hemps a bulk order is your best bet.

There are many places to buy Twisted Hemp Wraps, both online and in shops, hemp guide and dispensaries. You can order all flavors and types, along with the wholesale option online directly from Canadian Hemp’s web site. Check out some bud review websites to find out where to get the product. Availability varies depending on where you are located.

blunts Effects

Twisted Hemp Wraps Packaging

Like many other types of wraps Twisted Hemp Wraps come in a sealed zip-lock package that can be resealed after it has been opened. This ensures maximum freshness and maintains the quality of the product. Twisted Hemp Wraps is one of the best values on the market.

The paper is meant to burn slow and even. Most reviews state that this is the case. The flavor depends on the type of wrap purchased. As stated above many are available.

For those who prefer a citrus taste and smell, I would suggest Twisted Hemp Mango. Twisted Hemp Mango has the most luscious mango aroma and flavor. The paper burns nice and smooth and the product was very fresh. The packaging was excellent and sealed in the fresh sweet mango aroma.

Twisted Hemp Wraps Near Me

Twisted Hemp Wraps can be purchased from a number of online vendors. To find a Twisted Hemp product near you, go to and search for a vendor near you.

If you are having trouble finding Twisted Hemp Wraps There are a number of sites like For instance, check out