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Hemp Guide

This is a guide that can be used to help people who want to get into the hemp industry understand the laws, the cannabinoids that are associated with hemp, their uses, and what it takes to invest in hemp. We’re hoping with this guide, you will learn, grow, and understand what it’s like in America to be hemp farmer, grower, producer, and consumer. All right, let’s begin!


When they passed a law in 2015, they allowed the making of hemp to be legal. However, they revamped that a bit in the 2018 farm bill, which makes sure that THC amounts are kept to a minimum in hemp to ensure that the product is not used for a high, and rather for its cure-all medicinal purposes.

is hemp legal? As of 2018, all states regardless of the legality of THC in the state is allowed to grow hemp. They also have to follow the legal limit of THC, and the degree doesn’t vary per state. However, there are different rules and practices between them in terms of growing, planting, and seeding of hemp. However, they all must follow the law that hemp products in every U.S. State have to abide by, which is that the THC content is less than .3%, and they have to have their products tested regularly.

The rules that are defined by the state are related to whether or not weed is legal in the state they reside in. When a state legally allows them to smoke hemp in the state, then not all products have to adhere to the .3% THC content law. But when growing hemp, the CBD products extracted from it must be less than .3% THC levels.

 Numbers of Cannabinoids Found in Hemp

There are so many cannabinoids, over a hundred to this day, and there are more getting discover daily, weekly, monthly, and yearly. They all have various effects, hemp uses, and medicinal purposes. You will learn the top six cannabinoids that have great effects. Let’s start with a list and work our way down, shall we?

  • CBL – Cannabicyclol
  • CBN – Cannabinol
  • CBD – Cannabidiol
  • CBDA – Cannabidiolic Acid
  • CBC – Cannabichromene
  • CBG – Cannabigerol

Let’s dig into all of their properties and uses, starting from the top of the list. Then, we can work our way to the bottom of it.

CBL – Cannabicyclol

Not a lot is known about CBL as of now. What is known about the cannabinoids is that it grows on plants that are allowed to grow for years and that it can be used as an anti-inflammatory. The older the strain, the more CBL is discovered in the plant, as was the case in cannabis strains in China and Pakistan. The compound doesn’t do much. However, when tested on rabbits, and the trial ended in their premature deaths when exposed to extremely high doses. However, when they were tested for low doses, there were no noticeable effects under the normal dose chart. There is still a lot to be researched on the topic, including the potential dangers as well and the medicinal uses.

CBN – Cannabinol

This cannabinoid is made through oxidized THC. It is created when cannabis is grown past its prime to enrich the plant with Cannabinol. While it’s derived from THC, it has absolutely no psychoactive properties that have been documented in studies, which is why they use marijuana plants to help study the effects. While we know that CBN is used as a good sedative, that can be used to help insomnia. It has little to no research to back up the claims of the fact that it can help with pain and loss of appetite, which is why more studies need to be done on this cannabinoid.

CBD – Cannabidiol

This compound is found specifically in hemp plants and has become a miracle drug in many health circles due to its therapeutic properties that are non-psychoactive. This compound holds all of the benefits and none of the risks as it pertains to therapy. It can help lift moods, act as a natural anti-inflammatory, and helps with relaxation. This compound is being studied to be combined with other cannabinoids to have greater health benefits in the future. We’ve carefully considered each product and the type of CBD used with you in mind.

CBDA – Cannabidiolic Acid

CBDA is only created by decarboxylation, which is by exposing CBD to U.V. light or high temperatures. The CBDA is the compound found after decarboxylation and is what we all refer to as CBD. CBDA is easier on the lungs, and without being heated, that it is of greater purity than CBD, and could potentially be more beneficial than CBD. It can be used as edibles, salad dressings, and soft drink products, but is usually found as a tincture.

CBC – Cannabichromene

This product was discovered 50 years ago and is a non-psychoactive cannabinoid that has medicinal properties of its own. It’s made by heating up CBCA or cannabichromenic acid. Every cannabis plant contains at least 1% CBC. It can also be paired with CBD to enhance a person’s mood who is in deep emotional anguish.

CBG – Cannabigerol

Without this compound, the cannabis plant would never grow CBDA or THCA, which without it there would be no CBD or THC. When the cannabis plant grows, it breaks down into THCA and CBDA, which means that the more of these two within the plant, the less CBG there is in the plant.

CBGA is being cultivated more now because they are the precursor to CBD and THC, which both have medicinal properties. That just as one example can help relieve eye pressure. To get a higher CBGA, yield farmers and producers cut the plants down at the budding phase and clone them to make the yield higher so that they can study the properties of CBG and CBGA.

They are all used in different ways, but they all have great medicinal properties that are benefiting millions of people per day.

Investing in Hemp

The three ways to invest in hemp are service providers, growers, and medical companies. We’ll start with the growers.


Growers in America are doing great since the legalization of hemp growing in 2018. While hemp growers products are on the rise and used is a plethora of resources other than marijuana, CBD and Oils. They can also be used in furniture, construction goods, cars, and textiles. The business is extremely profitable and is continued to rise in price as we advance our laws. Farmers and cultivators in America say that even the lowest quality of hemp plants are more profitable than the highest quality of tobacco.

However, many investors are holding out their cash to own and operate a hemp farm in Canada since they have legalized marijuana for medicinal and recreational use. This puts American farmers at a disadvantage in terms of money-making when it comes to the laws here. While America can only yield a .3% THC level from plants, Canada doesn’t have the same laws, which allows them to be profitable, well, more profitable.

Medicinal CBD

CBD is found in extremely high quantities in hemp and is a great source of medicinal properties. It’s non-psychoactive and has a plethora of health benefits including; depression, pain, insomnia, anxiety, and more. There are companies that look into CBD and all the potential benefits, and Canada is ahead in terms of research because of their more lax laws on marijuana, and the THC values per plant.

Service Providers

One of the ways you can invest is through ancillary stocks. This basically means that you will help hemp growers by delivering them resources that they will need in order to run their company successfully. They are the people who supply the growers with hydrotropic devices, soil, lighting equipment, or packaging. This is by far the least risky of the investments and can yield a substantial profit. However, just because it’s the less risky option doesn’t mean it’s without risks as the laws change, so too does the companies policies for helping invest. This could mean that one of the things you help the growers with are either no longer needed or allowed in the U.S. and that you will be out of your investment. So be sure to do your research thoroughly before you decide to invest in any of the service provider companies. Be sure that it’s the right move for you, and hopefully, you’ll capitalize on it.

Investment Strategies

Some of the best money you can make is as a grower, they grow the hemp plants, cultivate and process high-quality organic hemp, and profit from wholesale hemp biomass and CBD hemp flowers. They say that hemp growers make twice as much as tobacco growers even from a bad hemp plant. Another solid investment that is less risky is investing in medical CBD, and this is a great idea. With researchers studying CBD around the clock, they are finding new medicinal properties with it than ever before. Profit won’t be far behind with these medicinal finds, and you could invest and make a huge profit. The safe choice is to invest in the service providers, there’s little to no gambling involved, and unless the law changes, as it does, they will still be using the same growing items in the future. So this would be the safest investment by far.