Grand Daddy Purple Hemp CBD Flower
Grand Daddy Purple CBD Hemp Flower – 20.30% CBD , 0.076% Delta-9 THC

Grand Daddy Purple CBD Hemp Flower – 20.30% CBD , 0.076% Delta-9 THC


The strain of Grand Daddy Purple is an Indica strain. It derives from both Purple Urkle and Big Bud. It is a strain that has the taste of grape to go along with its pleasing aroma. It has a numerous amount of benefits and is used to help people sleep, eat, and relax. This can solve a myriad of medical conditions, and can even improve the mood of the individual. We’ll start with the effects, feelings, medicinal uses, and side effects. Then we’ll move on to the chemical composition of cannabinoids with the strain.


This strain has great medical properties. It doesn’t just help what on this list below. There are a plethora of other great effects that it has on the individual using the strain. This strain Grand Daddy Purple or Grand Daddy Purp’s as it’s called is great at improving people’s moods. However, it does have some side effects and drawbacks, just like every other herb on the planet. So let’s get into it, so you know what you’re buying.

This is a great mood improvement and can help people with a multitude of things. This table shows how the Grand Daddy Purple strain affects your emotions and feelings.

                                        Feelings                                                 %
                                        Relaxed                                               59 %
                                         Sleepy                                              49 %
                                        Happy                                              46 %
                                       Euphoric                                              44 %
                                       Hungry                                               33 %

Next, we’ll draw a table for you to show how people react to Grand Daddy Purple in terms of medicinally. This is what they use to soothe their medical conditions, and this is just five of the potential benefits, not all of the benefits.

                                     Helps With                                                  %
                                         Stress                                               39 %
                                          Pain                                              34 %
                                        Anxiety                                              31 %
                                     Insomnia                                              30 %
                                     Depression                                               22 %

Finally, as with many herbs, there are always negatives or side effects associated with them. The Grand Daddy Purple Strain is no different. There is a numerous amount of side effects that can be associated with it, so let’s discuss them, so you’re not taken aback when you buy the strain and try it out.

                                     Side Effects                                                  %
                                      Dry mouth                                                31 %
                                      Dry eyes                                                18 %
                                      Dizzy                                                  7 %
                                     Paranoid                                                  4 %
                                     Headache                                                  3 %

Lab Results

Let’s get into what is supposed to be in the strain. This is based on the medical research facilities in the United States, and if it’s up to standard, they will follow these results. So if you’re buying something with more or less of these things, you need to be careful.

         Cannabinoids                       %                 Terpenes                       %
                   THC              17 % – 23 %                 Linalool                       3.3 %
                 9 – THC                 13.98 %             Alpha Pinene                      1.17 %
                    CBD           Less than .1%       Beta Caryophyllene                      .91 %
                    CBN            Less than .1 %         Alpha Humulene                      .47 %
                 THC – A                 13.98 %            Beta Myrcene                      .24 %
                 THCV            Less than .1 %               Limonene           Less than .01 %
                8 – THC            Less than .1 %              Terpinolene            Less than .01 %
                CBDV           Less than .1 %
                CBD – A                     .1 %
                   CBC                     .3 %
                  CBG                     .6 %
                 CBG – A                     .4 %