Gelato CBD Hemp Flower
Gelato CBD Hemp Flower 18.77% CBDa , 0.00% Delta-9 THC
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Gelato CBD Hemp Flower 18.77% CBDa , 0.00% Delta-9 THC


There is so much to discuss in the world of Cannabis, but the topic taking the world by storm is the Cannabinoids. In particular, CBD is the talk of the United States right now, and it’s because of the medicinal properties. It has the potential to be a complete cure-all, and research is being put into it more and more every day. There is so much more to learn about the CBD or Cannabidiol and the rest of the cannabinoids, and it’s the most researched medicine in America today.

What do You Need to Know About the Gelato Strain?

There is so much that you can find out from the strain that it will blow your mind, but it has a hinted coffee after-taste and smells like earthy, sweet aromas. Gelato CBD Hemp Flower is an Indica dominant hybrid that was created by using the Thin Mint Girl Scout Cookies strain and breeding it with the Sunset Sherbet strain.

What are the Contents?

There is so much that can be put into each of these strains. However, there is so much to cover. There is an insane amount of Cannabinoids as well as some choice Terpenes, so let’s get into the list. It will show all of the Cannabinoids and Terpenes with all of their level percentages.

       Cannabinoids                 Level %                Terpenes                  Level %
                  THC                  15-20%            beta Myrcene                 .07-4.29%
          delta 9-THC                     1-6%        Beta Caryophyllene                 .25-2.54%
                 CBD                      .1%                Alpha Pinene                 .13-1.56%
                 CBN                  1.592%                 Linalool                   .16-.35%
              THC-A                   9-14%                Limonene                    .19-.27%
              THCV                    .1%               Terpinolene                        .16%
          delta 8-THC                    .1%           alpha Humulene                         .1%
                CBDV                    .1%
                CBC                   .1%
                CBG                1.148%
              CBD-A                    1%

What are the Effects of the Gelato Strain?

Well, in this area, we’ll tell you how to make a proper purchase by knowing what the medicinal effects are, what the feelings you’ll get can be, and what the potential side effects are. These are all useful tools in being able to make the proper purchase in your strain of CBD hemp flowers.

First up is the medicinal uses. Most cannabis plants have medicinal uses, and this plant is one of them. There are a plethora of different medicinal uses, and this list is the Gelato strains:

  • Stress
  • Anxiety
  • Depression
  • Pain
  • Insomnia

Then next one up is the feeling you’ll get when you are using the Gelato strain. While there are more feelings, these are the top five.

  • Relaxed
  • Happy
  • Euphoric
  • Uplifted
  • Creative


Finally, the last thing that we’ll discuss for you is the potential side effects of the Gelato strain.

  • Dry mouth
  • Dry eyes
  • Dizzy
  • Paranoid
  • Anxious