Fruity Pebble CBD Hemp Flower
Fruity Pebbles CBD Hemp Flower -16.41% CBD , 0.05% Delta-9 THC
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Fruity Pebbles CBD Hemp Flower -16.41% CBD , 0.05% Delta-9 THC


The Fruity Pebbles strain has been around since 2006. It is one of the strands that there is a lot known about it. Below, we’ll discuss exactly what to expect when you’re buying this marvelous strain conceived by a trio of hemp plants, including; Indica Grand Daddy Purple, the hybrid Green Ribbon, and hybrid Tahoe Alien. This is, of course, not know, but it’s lab results are as well as it’s effects, benefits, and potential side effects.


With many herbs, they have a medicinal purpose, and weed is no different. Its side effects are short and non-threatening, but it has side effects none the less. This strain of Fruity Pebbles is a great strain, and can even help improve your mood when you need a pick me up, or maybe an energy boost when you need one.

There are many feelings a person can feel, and when using CBD, one can essentially bypass the brain’s receptors, and feel a certain way, and they can feel happier, more relaxed, and less anxious. Let’s get into it with some percentages.

                                      Feelings                                      % of the time
                                        Happy                                              62 %
                                       Euphoric                                              54 %
                                        Relaxed                                              50 %
                                       Uplifted                                              50 %
                                        Giggly                                              32 %

As well as with all other medicinal marijuana, this also has some great potential health benefits. The Fruity Pebbles strain has great medicinal properties, and while this is a list of 5 of them, more medicinal uses are common too.

                                  Medicinal Uses                                                 %
                                          Stress                                                36 %
                                         Anxiety                                                29 %
                                      Depression                                                28 %
                                          Pain                                                21 %
                                      Insomnia                                                13 %

Like every other herb on the market and every other medicinal or recreational marijuana, this strain also has side effects. However, some of the side effects are reduced greatly by the amount of CBD that’s in them. Let’s get into it.

                                     Side Effects                                                %
                                      Dry mouth                                              29 %
                                       Dry eyes                                              15 %
                                         Dizzy                                                7 %
                                       Paranoid                                                5 %
                                       Anxious                                                4 %

Lab Results

Since this is an Indica strain hybrid, it barely has any ingredients within it, and the ones that are, are the main cannabinoids in most strains. In Fruity Pebbles, the lab results are in, and the overall THC % is usually between 12 % and 20 %, while the CBD is naturally less than 1 %. So this is made entirely of both THC and CBD while no other cannabinoids are present within the hemp plant.

About Fruity Pebbles Hybrid CBD Hemp Plant Strain

This one is a bit unique, as it’s between two hybrids and an Indica. This is usually to balance out the effects of the Sativa to create an Indica dominant blend of the plant, and its end result was this. So the myth says, “Many different strains could’ve been used to make this,” or that, “It was made from Tahoe Alien, Green Robbin, and Grand Daddy Purple.” And while that may be true, we don’t know exactly for sure, making Fruity Pebbles a mysterious blend. A wonderful mystery that brings many people the joy and happiness they need with the medicinal qualities they expect.