Forbidden Fruit CBD Hemp Flower
Forbidden Fruit CBD Hemp Flower – 22.5% CBD , 0.07% Delta-9 THC

Forbidden Fruit CBD Hemp Flower – 22.5% CBD , 0.07% Delta-9 THC

What happens when you breed the sweet strains of Cherry Pie and the Tangie strain? Well, you get some of the best Forbidden Fruit known to man. This strain is so delectable that it’s downright sinful to enjoy like the apple in the garden of Eden. This strain combines an earthy and sweet aroma paired with a fruity and sour taste to combine for a killer strain. This strain being spectacular in taste and smell also has excellent effects, and we’ll show you the exact lab results that are in the type strain of Forbidden Fruit.


Like any drug or medicinal drug, they all have feelings, medicinal uses, and side effects, and Forbidden Fruit is no different. This is a sweet strain that has a plethora of effects that will leave you feeling better about your day and uplift you in your darkest mood.

Feelings are a big part of why people like about their certain strains, so the strains help people feel better, more creative, more productive, and hungry. This strain is just like many good strains, and we’ll create a table of the top five feelings you’ll get while on this particular strain.

                What you’ll feel when using                     % of the users that feel it
                                        Relaxed                                              73 %
                                       Happy                                              50 %
                                     Euphoric                                              45 %
                                      Sleepy                                              33 %
                                     Uplifted                                              31 %

Along with the great feeling, you’ll get from this strain. You’ll also have great medicinal properties with it as well. There is a multitude of uses for medicinal marijuana. While certain strains are better for certain medical uses or medical conditions, they each have their medicinal properties. This table will show you the top five uses for this strain.

                    Medicinal uses and benefits                                    % of users say
                                          Stress                                            29 %
                                         Anxiety                                            25 %
                                         Pain                                           24 %
                                      Depression                                           21 %
                                      Insomnia                                           20 %

As with any other strain, this one is no different and contains its own set of side effects. All drugs, whether over the counter, prescribed, or medicinal marijuana, they all have side effects. Some of these side effects are worse than others, but let’s get into the top five side effects that you’ll get from the Forbidden Fruit strain.

                          Potential side effects                                % of users report
                                         Dry mouth                                            17 %
                                         Dry eyes                                           10 %
                                          Dizzy                                             1 %
                                         Headache                                             1 %
                                        Paranoid                                             1 %

While this is a list of the top five feelings, medicinal uses, and side effects, it doesn’t include everything. These are just what the majority of users report it having these effects.

Lab Reports

The lab results will tell you the precise amount of cannabinoids and terpenes that should be in the Forbidden Fruit strain. These are maximum’s and are legal up to the maximum levels in terms of percentage. It is not completely uncommon for these terpenes and cannabinoids to have lower levels of certain properties. This is just how legal they are to the maximum percentage. If it’s of higher levels, don’t buy it.

         Cannabinoids                  Level %                Terpenes                 Level %
                    THC                14 % – 17 %            Beta Myrcene                .4 % – .5 %
      Beta-Caryophyllene               .17 % – .22 %
              Limonene                .15 % – .2 %