Durban Poison CBD Hemp Flower
Durban Poison CBD Hemp Flower – CBD 15.62% , THC .58% Alpha Bisabolol
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Durban Poison CBD Hemp Flower – CBD 15.62% , THC .58% Alpha Bisabolol


With so many farmers growing nowadays on American soil, some of their favorites are obvious. The Durban Poison strain is no different. It has a high yield of resin glands, which makes it the perfect choice for farmers who want to make a concentrate. It is also a pleasant aroma that brings this strain to people. It has a sweet and earthy aroma and tastes sweet with a hint of earthy flavor. Why not buy this strain when it’s clear that farmers everywhere use it for concentrate because of the over-sized resin glands.

Lab Results

There are so many Cannabinoids and Terpenes in the Durban Poison strain that it’s a massive list. In that regard, we’re going to capture it in a table between cannabinoids and terpenes to show you the buyer exactly what’s in this particular strain. For safety, we’ll show you all of the level percentages in the Durban Poison strain too.


 Cannabinoids  Level %  Terpenes
 THC  .58%  alpha Bisabolol
 CBD  15.62%  Borneol (+)(-)
THC-A  0.55%  Camphene
 delta 9-THC  0.1%  Camphor
 delta 8-THC  Less than .1%  beta Caryophyllene
 CBG-A  Less than .1%  trans Caryophyllene
 THC-V  Less than .1%  Caryophyllene Oxide
 CBD-A  16.92%  alpha Cedrene
 CBD-V  Less than .1%  Cedrol
 CBN  Less than .1%  Endo fenchyl Alcohol
 CBG  Less than .1%  Eucalyptol
 CBC  .11%  Fenchone
     Geranyl ascetate
     alpha Humulene
     p-Menta-1, 5 diene
     beta Myrcene
     trans Nerolidol
     Goimene Isomer 1
     alpha Pinene
     beta Pinene
     Sabinene Hydrate
     gamma Terpinene
     alpha Terpinene
     alpha Terpineol
     Ocimene Isomer 2
     gamma Terpineol
     cis Nerolidol

What are the Effects of the Durban Poison Strain of CBD Hemp Flower?

There is a plethora of effects, side effects, and medicinal uses within the strain. In this section, we’ll detail them all for you, so you don’t have to go all over the internet to find out how this strain will make you feel.

There are some side effects in this strain, but none of them particularly long-lasting or serious enough to be concerned about. In terms of side effects, this strain is relatively low with them, but let’s dig into the list.

  • Dry mouth
  •  Dry eyes
  • Paranoid
  •  Dizzy

However, to counterbalance the side effects, there are great medicinal uses for the Durban Poison strain as it has a vast amount of medicinal properties like:

  • Depression
  • Anxiety
  •  Stress
  •  Pain
  •  Fatigue

With anything taken, you will feel something, for pain medication, it’s numb and happy. You usually get high or the like from other medicinal over the counter meds, prescriptions, and other types of medicines. So how does the Durban Poison strain make you feel? Let’s take a look below.

  •  Hungry
  • Relaxed
  • Uplifted
  •  Creative
  •  Energetic
  •  Euphoric
  •  Focused
  •  Happy
  •  Talkative
  •  Giggly
  •  Aroused
  •  Tingly