Cherry Blossom CBD Hemp Flower
Cherry Blossom CBD Hemp Flower – 17.40% CBD , 0.08% Delta-9 THC

Cherry Blossom CBD Hemp Flower – 17.40% CBD , 0.08% Delta-9 THC


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Cherry Blossom strain is a cross between the Cherry Kandahar S1 strain and the Chardonnay strain, it has the aroma and taste of the gods, with the effects to match. They have a scent of fuel and a tone of ripe berries. The taste is divine with a hint of sweetness and has a woodsy, clean flavor. There are many things to discuss below, including the effects of the strain itself and how it will make you feel. Another thing that needs to have some attention brought to it is the contents or the lab results.


With so many things to cover in this section, there is a little bit of everything to know. If you’re looking to buy a particular strain, you need to know what kind of a high or feeling you’ll be in for. How does it make you feel? We’ll cover this. What are the medicinal qualities that are offered with this strain? A little deeper, and we’ll hit the side effects of the strain. They all have their unique properties, and the Cherry Blossom strain is no different. When you’re finished reading, you’ll have a better sense of what you’re buying and what you’ll be getting into in terms of feelings, medicinal uses, and potential side effects of the strain.

The effects are a lot to take in, so we’ll take this section by section. First up, is the way it makes you feel. Hemp flower can make you feel many different ways, and it’s important to know which feelings you’ll get from it, so you know what you need. This is a list of the top five feelings along with the percentage of people who feel them.

                              What will you feel?                                                   %
                                         Relaxed                                                  79 %
                                         Happy                                                  59 %
                                        Euphoric                                                  50 %
                                         Sleepy                                                  44 %
                                       Uplifted                                                  39 %

The next item on the docket to talk about is the medicinal uses. There are a plethora of health benefits that can be named in this section, and they are numerous. However, this section is only big enough for the top five on the list as well as the percentage of people who report these things going away.

         What are the medicinal uses and benefits                                                  %
                                           Stress                                                  41 %
                                             Anxiety                                                  36 %
                                              Pain                                                 34 %
                                         Depression                                                27 %
                                           Insomnia                                                25 %

Everything in the world has side effects. Mainly drugs, including over the counter meds, prescribed medicines, and medicinal medicines all contain side effects, but what side effects does the Cherry Blossom strain contain? Well, below we’ll detail a table of the top five side effects and the percentage of people who say they have them.

           What are the potential side effects?                                                    %
                                         Dry mouth                                                 27 %
                                            Dry eyes                                                18 %
                                         Anxious                                                  7 %
                                            Dizzy                                                 6 %
                                        Headache                                                 2 %

Lab Results

Now, let’s look at an in-depth look at what all the contents are within the strain of Cherry Blossom. There are plenty of cannabinoids and a plethora of terpenes within this strain. We’ll list all of them along with the percentage of them within the product.

      Cannabinoids                Level %                Terpenes                    Level %
                  THC                     .51 %         Alpha Bisabolol                   .0195 %
                 CBD                   16.24 %         Beta Caryophyllene                    .90 %
                CBD – A                  17.95 %          Alpha Humulene                    .25 %
                CBDV                     .50 %                Limonene                     .122 %
               CBG – A                   .37 %            Beta Myrcene                      3.3 %
                CBC                    .16 %          cis Beta Ocimene                   .036 %
                CBG                     .04 %            Alpha Pinene                    .198 %
             D9 – THC            Less than .1 %             Beta Pinene                   .081 %
               THC – A                      .58 %         Alpha Terpineol                     .017 %