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Hawaiian Haze CBD Flower – Indica Strains Trendy For Relaxing Effects

What is CBD Flower?

CBD flower is simply another term for buds of hemp plants. CBD oil is extracted from. Hemp products contain about 15-18% CBD, and the products are very similar to products that contain cannabis. The only difference is that CBD products are only allowed 0.3% THC content for legal purposes.

Hemp buds are entirely legal in many states that allow for the sale and use of CBD products. Many states are very strict about the marketing of the products because there are still many places with laws prohibiting marijuana. The only way to ensure that the products are, in fact, legal is to impose strong regulations while monitoring the labels and ingredients. It is safe for the products to be shipped thanks to recent laws and regulations.

Hemp strains are organized in the same fashion as products that contain THC as they are in the same family; they are grown in similar fashions. Hemp buds can be purchased in the most popular type, Sativa, Indica, and there are also hybrid variations. Each compound offers various effects on the body, depending on the kind that you choose. Continue reading for more detailed information on the ever so popular Hawaiian Haze CBD Strain.

Why use high-CBD strains?

A lot of consumers have turned to CBD because of its health benefits and components that are offered. While other users are drawn to the high-CBD strains because it provides feelings more closely related to THC. Although there are non-psychoactive properties, strains that contain higher levels of CBD provides more top effects. This is also the same for those who are seeking more potency to help alleviate their pain and stress-related symptoms.

These strains are shared among users that prefer vape, CBD oil, and edibles with a vape, in CBD oil, or as edibles.

Hawaiian Haze benefits

Hawaiian Haze

Hawaiian Haze CBD mostly contains Indica strains, and it is trendy for its relaxing effects. It is a mix that produces relaxing results with its light, airy buds, and orange hairs that. This strain has a high CBD content, and users rave about its effects of easing tension and stresses almost instantly. Hawaiian Haze CBD has citrus and earthy smell paired with an acquired taste of smoke, pepper, mangos, and pine. Hawaiian Haze is one of the best selling strains of CBD flower does CBD flower is derived from industrial hemp and grown in the USA it contains two points 22.8% CBD a in 1.1% CBD

Hawaiin Haze effects

Many consumers that enjoy this strain also report that this is a repeat purchase. Hawaiin Haze is strong enough to provide very long-lasting results of calmness and relaxation. Reviews stat the blend is a mix of haze and Hawaiin hemp that provides a cooling sensation due to the Terpene Myrcene, which is naturally found in mangos.

It is chill enough to consume during the day time, but it still gets the job done. There have also been multiple reports of anti-inflammatory effects being a result of using this CBD strain as well. The effects allow users to continue operating at optimal levels, with a clear mind, helping improve concentration.

The sweetness paired with the hints of floral allows for a boost of energy, relieves anxiety, and improves mood as well. Consumers often enjoy the boost in talkativeness and social capacity.

relieves anxiety

Some may consider it to be more related to Sativa strains but Hawaiian Haze has effects that kick in quickly. Consumers describe the high from Hawaiian Haze as creative, euphoric, and energetic. While it may seem more closely related to Sativa strains, the indica genetics help to mellow things out, keeping the user’s energy levels at bay so that there are no jittery effects present. This specific strain has also been known for a few of its negative attributes, which can cause dehydrated eyes and cottonmouth when it is used in excess. And, those are about the only noted side effects for this strain.


The strain is genetically designed to mock the makeup of both Hawaiin and Haze strains together. And these components make it high for early morning smoke sessions, ideal for getting the day started. Breeders are still determining how to correctly classify this CBD strain because it is unique and diverse. When comparing it to the guidelines, it happens to fit into more than one category, which can also be a good thing because users happen to enjoy that quality.

How is the strain priced?

  • Although each manufacturer may vary between prices and the size batches that they offer for sale, the average sales price for Hawaiin Haze can range from $30 to $100 depending on the region and distributer that you decide to shop with.
  • Experienced growers are aware of how tricky this specific strain can be during harvesting. It happens to be one of those strains that require more attention o it is not prevalent for distributors to raise prices accordingly, but it is usually justified.
  • Those seeking a greater variety of products usually have a more difficult time locating them at reasonable prices because any slight changes in the Hawaiin Haze Hemp harvest can cause problems within the entire strain. This is why it’s not as easy to locate things like hemp clones for Hawaain Haze, but it seems to be fairly common for high CBD content strains.
  • These plants grow fairly tall and CBD hemp flowers more slowly than most. This process can take about 12 and 14 weeks to complete. This is why Hawaiin Haze users purchase large amounts of the product at once. Hawaiin Haze is one of the best selling high CBD herbs for many reasons.

CBD herbs


Hawaiin Haze is grown without harmful chemicals as well as pesticides. You must always double-check with your supplier about the quality and content if there aren’t any visible certifications or statements on the product label that is confirming that the product is in fact that all products are grown pesticide-free. Because you are inhaling or consuming these contents, the products you purchase must be both clean and pure.

Hawaiian Haze has been tested for pesticides, microbial, and heavy metals. This is the importance of working with companies and brands that publicly display its results and whether it uses the third-party testing services to confirm the potency and safety of all the products that are being offered.

THC profile

THC limit is the THC level is below 0.246, and there is no detectable delta-9 THC mean Hawaiian Haze packs that great pungent punch it is very flavorful fruity and flavorful it is similar to their tropical fruits that are in the mangoes and pineapple departments we are also hints of Pine and a little pinch of pepper included as well guaiacum.

guaiacum effects

  • Mg,g Terpene
  • 0.286 alpha humulene
  • 0.491 alpha-pinene
  • 0.0132 alpha terpinene
  • 0.751 beta-caryophyllene
  • 4.97 betaMyrcene
  • 0.284 beta-pinene
  • 2.30 BetaOcimene
  • 0.0282 Camphene
  • 0.0356 delta3Carene
  • 0.384 d Limonene
  • 0.0155 gamma-terpinene
  • 0.00912 Isopulegol
  • 0.167 Linalool
  • 0.1008 Ocimene
  • LOQ pCymene
  • 0.0446 Terpinolene

Terpene Profile

One of the most noticeable terpenes in Hawaiian Haze is a component that is usually found in mangos called and myrcene. These are supported by other terpenes that add the natural and floral flavors that assist in balancing out the fruity ones. This is not spicy, but it’s more of a very light fruity sensation it what the touch of pepper.

Sativa effects

As discussed earlier, Hawaiian Haze is a mostly Sativa strain that produces some high-quality Sativa effects. However, it a very versatile hemp strain as well. This is great for a daily dosage to get your morning started in an upbeat manner. Because CBD products rarely have any associated side effects, it is safe to utilize the products throughout the day, with 4-6 hours between each session. Users should also be careful not to overuse CBD products within a short time frame because this can limit the benefits and effects that a person can receive if the body is self-adjusting to make room for the CBD herb contents.

Cannabidiol also has antipsychotic effects, which means that it will not promote any feelings of being high. Still, because Hawaiin Haze contains higher amounts of Hemp CBD, it does allow its users to feel more significant effects than usual. The compound provides for very calming effects paired with a fresh burst of energy; this compound is perfect for those who work in stressful work environments. It has been proven to increase mental function, reducing pain, inflammation and anxiety, increasing moods, and more. But cannabidiol prevents the breakdown of a chemical in the brain that affects these areas and increases the blood flow to the proper fields. This is another reason consumers with higher pain levels are more drawn to the Hawaiian Haze, which has about 19% CBD content. This, in turn, reduces psychotic symptoms and eases the body.