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Bubba Kush – The Flower OG’s Of Cannabis Terpene Dominates Peppery

Bubba Kush is an Indica a muscular strain of marijuana. This very potent and powerful strain is very well known for its tranquilizing effect. This sweet palate makes this a great strain to smoke at night before going to bed. The power of this plant will make your whole body feel heavy as you sink into the bed or couch.

All the stress from the day will be tranquilized in this euphoric high. Bubba Kush has a distinctive, bulky bud structure and has hues that range from forest green to pale purple. The plant is stocky in structure, but the heavy buds make up for its height.

People have assumed that this is an Afghani origin plant. The birthplace is home to California. The effects of this strain have many benefits. The feelings it can provide is relaxation, sleepiness, sense of happiness, euphoric, and hungry. It helps with stress, pain, insomnia, anxiety, and depression.

Some negatives are

  • dry mouth,
  • dry eyes,
  • dizziness,
  • paranoia,
  • and a headache.

Although these negatives do not affect everyone as well as the positives, this strain became famous in 1996 when the appearance of OG Kush and Northern Lights. This strain was named after Matt Berger’s because this is the place where the strain crossed from a landrace Afghani. His nickname Bubba Berger’s is how Bubba Kush was named. Bubba Kush became very well known after this, attracting many celebrities like Cypress Hill, Dr. Dre, and Snoop Dogg.

Bubba Seeds

Terpene Profile

Bubba Kush is categorized as Bk. The terpene that dominates the strain the most is peppery(Caryophyllene). The second is it has a bit of a citrusy(Limonene)

  • Lastly, the herbal (Myrcene) terpene.

Bubba Kush Odor

  • This cannabis smells like soil with dark chocolate and coffee. It has a tiny after the smell of rubber.


  • This powerful indica has a taste of hash and strong earth aromas. The after smoke taste like chocolate and coffee.

Growing Bubba Kush

  • This strain is a straightforward strain to grow.
  • The flowering type of this cannabis is a photoperiod.
  • Flowering time usually is about 8-9 weeks.
  • If harvesting outdoors in the Northern Hemisphere, the flowering time will be early October.
  • The indoor yield generally produces 500G/M2 and for outdoor plants 600-800 grams per square meter.
  • This is a short stature strain.

Best Conditions to grow

  • This cannabis likes moderate to dry climates that range in temperatures of 68 to 80 degrees Fahrenheit.
  • Better to grow this strain indoors because the dense and heavy buds will most likely mold in moist environments.
  • This strain likes its nutrients and is a heavy feeder.
  • Therefore plan and ensure you are feeding these girls the correct amount of food.


When growing hemp flowers and using pesticides to help defend the crop. A flush of PH water will be needed to be done to ensure that the buds do not contain any pesticide. There are facilities where they test all of the legal cannabis before the product is sent to consume. These are measured in parts per million.

Heavy Metals

When using fertilizers and different chemical nutrients, these can contain heavy metals that will be in the finished product. Some of these chemicals are arsenic and cadmium. In areas where cannabis is legal, facilities will test for heavy metals to ensure that cannabis is safe to use.

bubba kush Strain

Other Precautions

Another aspect that has caused many crops to be thrown away is E. coli and mold. This happens due to bad practice and not ensuring a clean environment for the cannabis to grow. Also, during the cure or drying process.


  • Once cultivated, cannabis is ready to dry. Cut the branches and start to hang them upside down. Research has said cutting the whole plant versus cutting individual branches will cause a slower cure but a better final product. There are several ways in which you can dry the cannabis.
  • The first was hanging the branches or the whole plant. The second is using a drying rack, but this will require that you turn the buds more often because if left, one side will be smashed in.
  • When drying the cannabis, you will want to ensure that your dry room is at ideal temperature and humidity. Provide plenty of air circulation, and the temperature should be in the range of 60-80 degrees Fahrenheit at a relative humidity of 45-55%.
  • Leave the branches to dry for about 10 days. You will know when the plant is dry when you hear a crack when you snap the branches.


  • Once the cannabis is dry, it is time to cure the buds. Curing the bud will replenish the buds with humidity leaving them not too dry and not too wet. If this is small cultivation, use glass mason jars that are 32oz. Feel the jars 3/4 of the way and then close them and leave in a dark area.
  • Remove the lid twice a day for the first week. Leave the top open for about 10-15 minutes to allow air circulation. Put a gauge in the glass jars to measure the relative humidity and make sure the range is between 60-65%. It is usually curing last about 10-14 days, but its a personal preference.
  • If you want a better tasting and allow all the glorious terpenes to develop a plan on curing for about a month.

THC Bubba Kush: The percentage of THC ranges from 14-19% and has little to none CBD. This is a THC rich strain. As new strains have developed and contain much more THC, this is a little bit below average for a THC dominant strain.

Microbial life

  • Cannabis has three main elements in which it needs to be healthy and produce. The first is nitrogen, and this will need to be higher during the vegetive state of the plant. The second element is phosphorous, and this will remain stable throughout the life of the plant.
  • The third element is potassium, and the amount is small during the vegetive state, and once close to the flowering stage, you will need to transition your feed to a higher potassium blend. Molasses is an excellent organic fertilizer to amplify the potassium in the garden. Ensure that the mix is PH balanced because feeding an acidic base will kill the crop. A too essential blend will also destroy the plant.


  • Spotting when your cannabis has a defect is what makes a great grower. When you see yellowing in the leaves, this is a sign that the plants are lacking nitrogen.
  • If started with a massive feeding resume, this could also mean the plants are in a lockout, meaning that they can not receive the nutrients because they were overfed.
  • Try starting with a lighter feed and then slowly increase. This table below shows a proper feeding schedule for soil growers.


Hydroponic cannabis

Hydroponic cannabis is when the plant is grown in a nutrient liquid medium rather than a productive soil system. Growing hydroponically has a higher cost startup but will maximize space and yield. Very complex systems that require multiple pumps, timers, and reservoirs can take days to set up and much more maintenance.

Benefits of Hydroponics:

  • You will not have to continue buying soil.
  • Fewer pest problems.
  • No need to continually be checking the PH of the soil.
  • Do not have to invest in expensive soil.

Bubba Kush can be grown within both methods, but it generally performs better in hydroponics. This is due to the size of the plant and that it will grow faster in the soilless system. Also, in the hydroponic system, the plant will receive the nutrients immediately rather than in a soil system, the roots need to uptake the nutrients, and the process is slower. A con about the hydroponic system is that since the nutrients are received much faster, there is more space to overfeed, and overfeeding in a hydroponic system is much harder to reverse.

Bubba Kush is a famous American strain that has been around for more than 20 years. This strain is considered one of the OG’s of cannabis. It is starting to gain world popularity to be the strain to smoke if you want to empty the refrigerator. Also, this strain will leave a person couch or bed locked. Therefore be very careful when smoking this strain if you still have chores to do. This is an excellent medicine for those who suffer from depression in brings a tremendous upbeat and makes a person feel happy.

This beautiful magnificent plant has many benefits to help live a healthier life with a clear and open mind. Cannabis, which is revolutionizing right now and become more socially accepted, will continue to grow because of the numerous medical benefits it can help with. For patients who have cancer, this strain can help increase their appetite and give them a sense of joy and relaxation. Lastly, thank you, Matt Berger, for creating this excellent strain that brings peace.