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There are two great methods of growing plants, and one is seeding them, and the other is vegetative cloning. There are various discussions about both, and seeds being better than cloning, or cloning being better than seeding. However, we’ll get to the bottom of this discussion once and for all, because there are pros and cons to each side.

Method 1: Seed

CBD hemp seeding is what all the farmers are raging about. What happens though is some of them don’t know how to grow it, even though they have the space for it. The two types of seeds are regular and feminized, and both have their benefits. However, seeding can make a profit off the expensive CBD hemp seeds. These seeds are expensive and can vary in price depending on if the seed is regular or feminized. They range from $1 per seed to $5 per seed and can get as high as thousands per pound.


Regular seeds can either be male or female plants. The female plant produces pollen sacs to receive pollen from the male, who then produces marijuana seeds to be regrown for other plants. However, this process is hard, as the person growing the plant will have to identify the sex of the seed. Regular seeds are the mixture of produced seeds from male and female seeds and yield a 50% chance to become a male or female seed. In rare cases, they can become hermaphroditic, and produce with itself, and it’s more likely to happen with females than males. Their seeds are still a 50% chance of both genders.


Feminized seeds are naturally female. They are only of the female sex, and this happens when female seeds exchange pollen with other female seeds. This is more practical for farmers. They don’t have to check the sex of the seed because they are always going to be inherently female. This is good for the farmers because they can sell or regrow the seeds, and they will always have female seeds.

Method 2: Vegetative Cutting (Cloning)

Vegetative cloning is where you take a plant of any kind, in this case, hemp plants, and cut the roots, keeping the same genetic makeup. Then you take root and cultivate it in another part of the soil, and since it has the same properties, it will grow. This process is called cloning.

What is Feminized Seed?

Feminized seed is an inherently female seed, and it is created in the field by the seeds. Seeds are either female or male and in this case, the two females pollinated each other and cause the seeds to produce 100% female seeds. This is one of the best seeds to use as they are more expensive, and you can get your money’s worth when it’s all said and done.

Regular vs. Feminized Seed

Regular seeds are 50% male or female, and feminized seeds are always going to be 100% female. Regular seeds are hard to make a note of, as they can fertilize all of the female seeds to create more seeds, but the problem is that they are gender non-specified. Feminized seeds are ones that can produce seeds with other females, and they do it without the pollution of other plants like the male seeds tend to do. Feminized seeds are easier to work with, are relatively pollution free of pollen, and inherently female. Another thing is that while seeds range from $1 to $5 per seed, regular seeds run from $1 to $3 while feminized seeds run from $3 to $5, so the female seeds are more expensive.

Feminized seeds are some of the best farmers can work with, and they are the main choice for many people. Less pollination guaranteed female seeds that generally brings in more money per seed, and they are easier to work with. However, regular seeds are cheaper, and if you are just starting, these would probably be the best seeds for beginners to use. Then upgrade to feminized seeds after a few harvests.

Vegetative Cutting (Cloning)

Vegetative cutting is often done by cutting or taking off a piece of root or stem from another plant, in this case, hemp, and replanting it into a soiled pot, moist soil, or rock wool. The plant will keep the same genetic makeup and will be a clone of the original plant.

Hemp Clones For Sale

For small orders of hemp plants, the price will be about $3.99 per clone. When big orders are received, it’s not uncommon to see prices as high as $7.99 or higher per clone as they have already been made into a 6-foot hemp plant, and then they were a clone. Contact us to get discounts for bulk purchases.

Hemp Plants For Sale

Hemp plants can start at 6 inches for upwards of $50, and you can buy them at 6 feet tall, and pay in the thousands for one. we offer high-CBD hemp mother plants, mini mother plants, and clones for sale. Please reach out us, if you are interested in bulk order.

Hemp seeds seem like the way to go, but the unpredictability of regular seeds leaves many people hesitant to buy them, they don’t want to work with the seed and see if the plant is male or female. That’s why farmers prefer feminized plants to work with, and especially new hemp growers because they are easier to work with, and will always give female seeds.

As far as cloning, the process seems simple enough to do, and will likely result in the same plant growing a second time, and yielding the same result as the last plant. This seems to be the more expensive choice, but it requires less time to grow to maturity than seeding plants from the ground up.

Both sides argue for why they want to seed vs. clone, and they both have valid claims. However, it is up to the person who is working the farm to realize which type they want to use. This is because farmers do things differently, and while some say this is right, this is wrong, it doesn’t matter as long as the farmer knows how to grow hemp?.