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It’s impossible to look around almost anywhere without seeing CBD dispensaries on every corner. CBD is everywhere and there’s a reason why: the non-psychoactive part of the marijuana plant has been used to treat headaches, chronic pain, anxiety, epilepsy, depression, and other chronic health problems. CBD is available in oils, gummies, chewing gum, hard candy, and in smokable hemp flower.

What is hemp flower?

CBD hemp flower is the unprocessed plant from which other CBD products are extracted. In the years since CBD has become popular, hemp flowers have not been commonly sold on the consumer market despite being the best source of beneficial compounds called terpenes. Hemp plants contain very little THC (the psychoactive part of marijuana) and high levels of CBD. Hemp flowers will not get you high and are legal in all fifty states. Hemp flower can contain up to 0.3% THC under this law.

Effects of consuming herb flower:

  • Reduces anxiety
  • Helps to alleviate symptoms of insomnia
  • Treats headaches
  • Reduces muscle tension
  • Reduces symptoms of depression

There are several ways to consume hemp flowers. CBD is oil soluble so making a CBD butter or cooking oil is a viable option and then there are a number of cooking and baking options to choose from. However, ingesting CBD will reduce the positive effects during the digestion process. A better option is to smoke the hemp flower. This will get the CBD into the system faster than an edible. A dry herb vape pen will make the herb flower last longer than traditional smoking and get the most out of it.

When looking to buy hemp flower there are many things to consider such as the differences between indoor strains and outdoor strains, how diverse terpene profiles can impact the effect of the strain, whether a strain is non-seeded, and if there are any visible crystals on a flower. These are some of the best hemp flower strains to look for.

10 Top Best CBD Hemp Flower Strains

1. Elektra CBD Bud

Elektra (sometimes spelled Electra CBD Hemp Bud) is a strain with high CBD content, containing as much as 13%. It has a fruity flavor and a nutty taste that makes it pleasant to smoke. It has the benefit of being fast acting without slowing the mind or body down so it makes for a good choice for a vape pen to be used during the day as needed. Usually, the effects of this strain are obvious within thirty minutes.

2. Lifter CBD Hemp Bud

Unlike some other strains, Lifter does not just relax but also energizes. With a range of CBD between 14 and 20%, it is a reliable choice of strain for people looking to get things done and are looking for lift midday. Lifter smells fruity, like pineapple and orange, with notes of white pepper.

3. Berry Blossom

Berry Blossom is a sweet, floral strain with strong notes of raspberry and blackberry. This is a high CBD strain at 15% CBD and produces quick but lasting results. The buds are attractive, light green with traces of purple.

4. Cherry Wine

Cherry Wine is a strain that has as much as 22% CBD. It provides a relaxing, peaceful experience that encourages reduced muscle tension and can relieve headaches caused my neck strain. As implied by the name, Cherry Wine has notes of cherries and black pepper when smoked or ingested.

5. Sweet Premium

Sweet Premium, as the name suggests, tastes and smells sweet. This strain produces has no seeds or stems and only dense, premium buds.

6. Harle-Tsu

Harle-Tu is a hybrid strain of the popular Sour Tsunami and Harlequin strains. It has one of the highest CBD percentages of any strain and is one of the best selling hemp flowers on the market.

7. Wife

Wife is a reliable strain that is good for first-timers. It produces a noticeable, full-body experience without any psychoactive effects. The effects produce an hours-long feeling of relaxation and calm.

8. Kush CBD

This strain has a unique but not unpleasant scent of exotic fruit, earth, petrol, and sour sweetness. With a CBD concentration of around 15%, it is reliable and unique.

9. Spectrum

Spectrum is a strain that offers the widest range of experiences, from calm and relaxing to invigorating and energizing. Because of the range of possibilities, this strain can be somewhat unpredictable but it always offers a positive experience. Spectrum has a higher THC content than some other hemp flower strains.

10. Sour Space Candy

Sour Space Candy is a hybrid of Sour Tsunami and Early Resin Bud and has traces of caramel, sour apple, and sweet cherry smell. It provides a relaxing experience that lasts up to several hours.

CBD flower for sale

Consider the benefits of our premium CBD hemp flower product. We have indoor strains and outdoor strains as well as a greenhouse available for purchase. Our product has high CBD content. We offer only high-quality, non-seeded flowers with diverse terpene profiles and with visible crystals on a flower.

When you are purchasing a hemp flower look for the Certificate of Analysis that confirms that the product is safe and has been analyzed for the appropriate levels of CBD. You can buy a hemp flower for both personal or wholesale. Hemp flower is available for purchase in amounts from 1.5 grams to a pound or more.

Hemp flowers are the best source of CBD available on the market with rich terpene profiles. Whether smoked, vaped, or ingested the hemp flower will provide the same effects. There are dozens of strains on the market to cater to any specific needs. With hemp flowers now legal in all 50 states there is nothing in the way of trying them and seeing what benefits they might be able to offer.