Bubba Kush Hemp CBD Flower
Bubba Kush CBD Hemp Flower – 20.20% CBD , 0.00% Delta-9 THC

Bubba Kush CBD Hemp Flower – 20.20% CBD , 0.00% Delta-9 THC

Bubba Kush is a strain that isn’t well known in its origin. However, it has been around since 1996, so it has a history of being a good high. It is said to have been derived from an OG Kush and a hybrid strain. It has also been questioned as being of Afghani descent. While little is known about the origin, much is known about its properties, effects, medicinal uses, side effects, and more. This strain is a popular Indica and has a coffee aftertaste with an earthy and fruity aroma, which is pleasing to the senses.


There is so much that your Bubba Kush can do for you, and you can smoke it, eat it, and more. However, many pleasing feelings come with this strain. It has some great uses as well as having some great medicinal benefits. But some short-lasting side effects have been known to occur when using this Indica strain.

So many feelings, you’ll be all over the place. Well, no, more likely with this strain, you’ll be hungry and a couch potato, but still your brain can feel. There are so many things that this strain can do, and we’ll start by showing you the top five feelings you’ll have when using this particular strain.

                          How you will feel                                               %
                                          Relaxed                                              64 %
                                          Sleepy                                              53 %
                                          Happy                                              52 %
                                         Euphoric                                              47 %
                                         Hungry                                              37 %

While there are a plethora of health benefits, and so many to choose from, many of them can help stimulate the brain. These medicinal effects are why weed has been legalized. There is so much potential in each strain, and with each benefit, they are finding a myriad of others. So we’ll use this table to show you the top five benefits of the Bubba Kush strain, so you know what you’re getting when you buy.

                 Medicinal Benefits and Uses                                                %
                                         Stress                                              40 %
                                         Pain                                              36 %
                                       Insomnia                                              32 %
                                       Anxiety                                              30 %
                                      Depression                                               22 %

Like any drug, though, this one also has side effects. However, these side effects are not as dire as many of the top drugs on the market today. These are short-term side effects that do not cause any damaging effects on the brain, the body, or anything. This is a list of the Bubba Kush strains side effects, and trust us, this isn’t as bad as you think, take a look!

                             Potential side effects                                     Chance %
                                        Dry mouth                                             39 %
                                        Dry eyes                                             22 %
                                        Dizzy                                             10 %
                                        Paranoid                                              7 %
                                      Headache                                              4 %

Lab Results

While you would think that since this is an Indica strain, it would contain high amounts of CBD and lower amounts of THC; however, with this strain, it’s a bit different. There are no terpenes, and there is only one cannabinoid, yes, one. The sole cannabinoid used in the Bubba Kush strain is THC, and it’s at a median volume of 14.25 %, although some strands have been known to reach as high as 25 % THC. Just make sure that you look at the packaging before you buy the product.