Blue Dream CBD Hemp Flower
Blue Dream CBD Hemp Flower – 20.10% CBD , Non-Detect On Delta-9 THC
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Blue Dream CBD Hemp Flower – 20.10% CBD , Non-Detect On Delta-9 THC


A popular blend of both new smokers and long time smokers alike is Blue Dream. It is a calming yet energetic blend that helps with a great many issues. While there is a list of effects from what it helps with to side effects, there are also mood-improving qualities too. We’ll go over the lab tests and show the right balance for this strain. Then we’ll close out with what a hybrid strain entails.


While this strain is mainly good, there is a list of side effects to go along with this blend. It makes you feel happy, euphoric, creative, and more, as well as helping with anxiety, depression, and more. There are some side effects to this herb, so we’ll go over everything for you to give you a picture of what you will feel when you try this blend.

This blend of Blue dream helps improve the feelings and emotions of the person, and included is how often they feel these effects.

                                       Feelings                                              %
                                         Happy                                            60 %
                                      Euphoric                                           54 %
                                        Relaxed                                           51 %
                                       Uplifted                                           50 %
                                       Creative                                           40 %

The next thing we’ll look at when it comes to the effects that it has and what it helps with. These are things that you can look at and realize that it’s not a drug; it’s a medicinal property. There are other quality things that this strain helps with, but this is a list of the top five things it helps with.

                                     Helps with                                               %
                                          Stress                                             39 %
                                        Anxiety                                            30 %
                                     Depression                                            29 %
                                         Pain                                           28 %
                                    Insomnia                                            14 %

Like any other medication, drug, or otherwise, there are always side effects. So here is a list of all the listed side effects of the Blue Dream strain, so you know what to look for when getting on the strain.

                                       Negatives                                                 %
                                     Dry mouth                                              31 %
                                      Dry eyes                                              17 %
                                      Paranoid                                              7 %
                                          Dizzy                                              7 %
                                       Anxious                                              4 %

Lab Results

The following is what is all in the Blue Dream strain, and what you can expect from it. So the lab results will show the contents and the % per strain at the precise amount that should be used.

            Cannabinoids                        %              Terpenes                       %
                  THC                   30.263 %        Beta Caryophyllene                    1.286 %
               Δ9-THC                   1.434 %         Alpha Humulene                     .433 %
                  CBD              Ldess than 1 %               Linalool                   0.304 %
                  CBN             Less than .1 %              Limonene                  0.245 %
                THC – A                 32.872 %            Beta Myrcene                    .09 %
                 THCV              Less than .1 %             Terpinolene                    .047 %
                Δ8-THC             Less than .1 %            Alpha Pinene                     .04 %
                 CBDV             Less than .1 %
                CBD – A             Less than .1 %
                  CBC            Less than .329 %
                  CBG                   .556 %
                CBG – A                  1.314 %

What is a Hybrid?

A hybrid is a cross between a Sativa (cultivated) cannabis plant and an Indica cannabis plant. The hybrid has a basic balance between THC and CBD so that it evens things out, and there are various ways of doing this. When the farmers or producers grow a hybrid, they usually have to see what happens with different plant types. The main strains of Hybrid are Sativa dominant, Indica dominant, and balanced, and in this plant, it’s Sativa dominant.