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Affiliate Disclosure

When the ads are clicked on this site, Ark Institute may or may not receive compensation or commission for any of the clicks for the advertisements. This means that for some of the ads, We may receive money for each click, or a pay-per-click ad. On some of these, We will not, though.

All of the CBD and Hemp products on this site are expressly used for the sole purpose of selling the products, and the company or individual making a profit from the sales on the site. Some of these sales may be pay-per-click (as described above), and they could be based on the individual sale of the items themselves. We are predominantly making money from the sales of the products, and not specifically running a commission on the ads that are running on the site. Ark Institute may be getting paid by a third party to advertise all of their ads on our site, and likewise, some of the ads may be our own. Ark Institute may also have other affiliates or partners with the same products, or like products that they are selling, and we are giving them help by placing the ads on our site in order to help boost their daily site visitors. However, in these cases, Ark Institute is not being paid. We are only looking to help like companies and individuals who are selling like products, and are either affiliated with us or are associated with us in some way.

Advertisements that are not of the Whole CBD, Cannabis, or Hemp Flower variety are likely the work of third-party advertising agencies. For those, We will be getting a commission from each link clicked or better known as a pay-per-click in affiliate marketing circles. Ark Institute understands that you are legally allowed to be aware of any and all ads on the site and that we are to disclose any and all information in regards to the ads and if they are commission-based or not.

Further, Ark Institute recognizes that you, as an individual, are going to either click or not click the ad, and no one is asking you to click it. So as the individual, clicking the ad links is at your discretion and at your sole choice. We will never make you click on any of the ads or products that you don’t want to.

Finally, Ark Institute really wants to drive home this affiliate disclosure to ensure that you are aware and understand that products that pertain to CBD, Hemp Flower, and Cannabis are run either by us, our affiliates and our partners and those we will not be commissioned for. Likewise, any and all other link disclosures that are not involving these certain products are of affiliate marketers that allow us to be paid per each user that clicks on their advertisements.

As an owner of, We earn from qualifying purchases. We do make money from users clicking on links, and it is commission-based. This is to comply with FTC regulations stating that Ark Institute has adhered to all of the compliances that are expected. We also follow all of the terms of agreement with Google’s TOS.

This is the end of the affiliate disclosure agreement, and Ark Institute hereby states that we have given you all the correct information and that the choice to click on ads is solely at your discretion. We can’t make you click on these links or further draw you to them, and you have the choice to click or to ignore ads or links on this page.