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About Us

What is there to know us here at Ark Institute? Well, we’ll get into that in a bit, but we are the #1 raw hemp growers in the United States, and we extend into five different states. We are so happy at our facility that our Management levered the initial investment, which now consistently yields a 1000% annual growth and more.

What are the Products that We Offer?

Well, we offer a plethora of choices for you to choose from, including different categories and even merchandise. So we’ll start with a list of all the categories that we have to choose from.

With so many categories to chose from, you don’t need to know every single item we have for sale. Instead, let’s talk about something more interesting.

American Operated and Owned

Our trading partner is based in Colorado Springs, Colorado, and they have over 1,000 acres of hemp that is grown by us. We have our state-of-the-art extraction facility located in our base at Colorado Spring, CO. We operate in five different states, and own farmland in all of them. The extraction is done by our Colorado Springs area and is also where we send our products to be tested by a third party.


Our facility is open to anyone. That’s right. However, you do have to make an appointment first. You can walk in to see how we grow, manufacture, separate, and extract all of our hemp plants. You may even get a sample or two in the process.


We have a plethora of wholesale items for sale. You must first complete the survey on the page about what you need the wholesale for so we can get you the best price, and properly understand your needs so that we can satisfy them.

For the Customer

We are 100% for the customer, so much so that we have an isolate extraction method that has us pumping out isolate products so fast that we are able to give you the best deals on the isolates. The products can be up to 75% off, and just to be sure that we keep your business, we will offer price matching on isolates if you find a better price elsewhere. We know our product is the best because we check, double-check, and even triple check to ensure that our product is the highest quality for the consumer.

Why Are We Different from the Competition?

Well, for the answer, we don’t look at it as a competition. We are firmly seated in a place where we can help our customers find what they want at the right price. To ensure that you, as the consumer, get the best product at the best price, we price match and triple check our products.

How Long Have We Been Open?

We had our first business operation in growing hemp in 2015 with our trading partner. We started in Colorado Springs, Colorado, where our current base of operations is. We have since gone from a single hemp farm to having a plethora of hemp farms, and 1,000+ acres of it. We are 100% legal and fully certified in all five states where we grow.

How do we maintain a low Price?

We are always looking for the best deals with other suppliers, we do all the heavy work ourselves, instead of paying outside extractors to do our work. We churn isolates out so fast that even our heads spin at speed. We are able to do it mainly because, after five years, people still want to buy our product, and we maintain it for our customers.