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The New Good Food Security Package

The Ark Institute is custom packing an economical, yet nutritionally balanced collection of our best 100% Non-Hybrid, Non-GMO heirloom vegetable, herb and fruit seeds for long-term food self-reliance for those seeking really good, healthful food they can rely on year after year.   Remember: after harvesting your crops each year, you can save the seeds taken from inside your fruits and vegetables, store them and grow in future gardens.  Each year you have the potential to multiply your "wealth" of seed (and veggies) and, thus, your food security, hundreds to thousands of times over!  Today's purchase can supply you with seed and food for a lifetime!

If you have never saved seed before, we strongly recommend you buy a copy of Seed Sowing and Saving (click on Self-Reliance Helpers button, above) to go with your order.  It is a very beginner-friendly book that can literally keep you in free seed and garden crops for the rest of your life!  If you are new to gardening, you might want to consider other helpful books on our Self-Reliance Helpers button page, above, to get you on your way to food self-reliance.  Save money, live well, get healthy, become more self-reliant like tens of thousands of Ark Institute customers all over the U.S.  You will receive generous packets containing enough seed for a family of four.  If you plant , raise and harvest crops from ALL of the seeds in your packets successfully the first season, you will need a vegetable stand to sell your excess!  Not recommended unless that's what you want to do :).  We include a free Seed Storage Information Sheet with every order.  Please do not throw it out!  You can freeze your excess seed for many years following these simple instructions. Raised and stored successfully, you should never have to buy seed again!

Each Good Food Security Package collection will contain one packet each of the following Non-hybrid, Non-GMO, chemical free seed: Snap Pea; Green Bush Beans; Golden Sweet Corn; Eggplant; Scallion/Green Onion; Red Radish; Red Beets; Carrots; Sweet Peas; Salad Cucumber;Cantaloupe; Cilantro; Sweet Green/Red Pepper; Watermelon; Paste/Sauce Tomato; Basil; Broccoli; Pumpkin;Acorn Winter Squash;Butternut Winter Squash;Green Kale; 8 Variety Lettuce Assortment; Yellow Summer Squash; Spinach; Flat Leaf Parsley; Swiss Chard; Yellow Bush Bean; Butter Lettuce; Jalapeno Pepper; Red Lettuce; Green Cabbage; Celery; Scallion or Green Bunching Onions.  Price: $97  with FREE SHIPPING!  Click on the "How to Order" button, above, to order now.

The Ark Institute's 100% Non Hybrid, Non GMO & Heirloom Seeds
for  Really Healthy Eating and Real Food Security

“The best seed anywhere!” That’s what our customers have been telling us by phone, mail and email for 11 years now and frankly, nothing makes us happier. Delicious vegetables and garden fruits grown from our nutritionally balanced, 100% non GMO, non hybrid seeds will not only nourish families with healthful, fresh and preserved foods but, unlike store-bought hybrids and patented GMOs, their seed can be saved for future crops. Now that’s food security!  And our seed packets contain many more seeds than those you buy at the store, so you will have food to preserve and even to share if you grow them all well.

See three different food self-sufficiency seed collections, including our new, complete package designed for growing food indoors and/or in small spaces, below. Think of them as your own
"ark" for navigating these turbulent times.

Ark's 100% Non Hybrid, Non GMO Family Seed Package

40 Packets of Life-Sustaining Vegetable, Fruit and Herb Seeds containing 52 seed varieties.How are there 52 seed varieties in 40 packets?  Because, as long as supplies last, The Ark Institute will include, among your 40 packets, one with six rare heirloom tomatoes from Russia, Europe, Cherokee Native Americans, and more! Another packet contains eight different red and green lettuces and endive!  Remember: you don’t need to grow all 52 vegetable varieties this year or even next!  Seed will keep well for years, and we’ll include our seed storage direction sheet in each box. This way they will be ready for planting when you are!  But best of all, each package costs only $99 and FREE SHIPPING—for a potential lifetime of food security! That averages out to $1.71 for each of the 52 healthful varieties of food.  Now that's Value! Here’s what is included:

52 Non-Hybrid, Non-GM seed varieties in 40 generous packets. Here is what is included:  Green Bush Beans..... Extra-Early Sweet Yellow Corn.....Sweet Peas..... Sweet Red Beets..... Edible Podded Snap Peas..... Broccoli..... Green Cabbage..... Red Cabbage..... Carrots..... Plum or Paste Tomato..... Large Salad Cucumber..... Eggplant..... Spinach.....Kale..... Cilantro/Coriander..... Sweet Basil.....  Scallions..... Butter Lettuce..... Romaine Lettuce..... Gourmet Lettuces Mix 8-Varieties......  Italian Parsley...... Anaheim Chili Pepper..... Cayenne Pepper..... Jalapeno Pepper..... Sweet Pie Pumpkin...... Crimson Giant Radishes..... Butternut Squash..... Rainbow Chard..... Yellow Bush Bean...... Cantaloupe..... Honeydew Melon...... 6-Variety Rare Heirloom Tomatoes Collection..... Red Loose-leaf Lettuce..... Acorn Winter Squash..... Yellow summer Squash...... Spinach..... Red/Green Sweet Bell Pepper..... Baby Watermelon..... Zucchini 

Biologist and Ark Institute Director, Geri Guidetti, also highly recommends the user-friendly book, Seed Sowing and Saving and several other how-to books available here at our website, especially for those unfamiliar with growing from seed and harvesting seed for future food gardens. It's easy, and essential to real food security.   

Big Food from Small Spaces™

Now you can raise and preserve lots of fresh food, even if you live in an apartment!   The Ark Institute is pleased to introduce this new, much-needed, food self-reliance and preparedness package for folks who live on small lots, in RVs and in apartments. A collection of three excellent, easy-to-read and follow books will show you how to raise food wherever you are, and 20 generous packets of The Ark Institute’s famous non hybrid, non GMO, heirloom vegetable garden seeds, will get you started on the road to robust health and greater food security the very day you receive it!  You don’t even need to wait for summer to get started!  And, as always, The Ark Institute’s seed can be saved from your own vegetables to grow next year’s crops, year after year. No need to buy new seed ever!  Now that’s real food security!  What’s more, you can store your seed for long term survival with the instructions included in every package.

No room for a big garden?  No outdoor space at all?  No problem! You’ll receive the following excellent books to show you how to grow food in containers indoors or out and in small spaces:

Fresh Foods From Small Spaces: The Square Inch Gardener’s Guide to Year Round Growing, Fermenting and Sprouting, by RJ Ruppenthal.   178 pages. Retails for $25.

Preserving Food Without Freezing or Canning: Traditional Techniques Using Salt, Oil, Sugar, Alcohol, Vinegar, Drying, Cold Storage, and Lactic Fermentation  by The Gardeners and Farmers of Terre Vivante, with Forewords by Eliot Coleman and Deborah Madison.  197 pages. Retails for $20

Bountiful Container: Create Container Gardens of Vegetables, Herbs, Fruits, and Edible Flowers   by Rose Marie Nichols McGee (Author), Maggie Stuckey. Excerpt from the front cover: “Discover a world far beyond the expected cherry tomato in a flowerpot. A world with virtually no weeds, no soil-born diseases….With few exceptions, everything edible that’s grown in the traditional garden can be successfully raised in a container….”452 pages. This is an excellent, fun, how-to book you will use over and over and over again as you raise your own delicious food. Retails for $20

You will also receive a balanced collection our best, special Non hybrid, Non GMO vegetable seeds well adapted to growing in containers and small patches:

Carrots...Beets...Broccoli...Cabbage...Basil...Tender Butterhead Lettuce...Kale...Mesclun Mix(eight heirloom varieties of lettuces and endives)...Ruby Red Lettuce...Eggplant...Italian Flat Leaf Parsley...Anaheim Chili Pepper...Green/Red Bell Pepper...Bush Zucchini...Green Bush Bean...Yellow Bush Bean...Container Tomato...Roma Tomato...Green Onions...Snap Peas

All of this food self-sufficiency for $129 and FREE SHIPPING!!

Ark's 100% Non Hybrid, Non GMO Garden Essentials Package

20 Packets of Life-Sustaining Vegetable, Fruit and Herb Seeds for healthy, vitamin and nutrient-rich living in good times and bad.  At only $59 and FREE SHIPPING, each affordable collection includes the following delicious and popular vegetables, fruits and herbs:

Green Bush Beans...Red Cabbage...Green Onions(scallions)...Crimson Red Radishes....Kale... Salad Cucumbers...Golden Melon...Green/Red Sweet Pepper...Plum Tomato...Red Slicer Tomato...Green Sprouting Broccoli...Red Romaine Lettuce...Butternut Winter Squash...Edible Podded Snap Peas...Zucchini Squash...Green Butterhead Lettuce...Flat Leaf Italian Parsley...Green Cabbage...Carrots...Sweet Red Beets

A note from Geri Guidetti, our Director: "Please order right away if you want seed for 2009 and 2010. Seed and carryover food stocks are declining rapidly around the world, and global demand is accelerating.  The Ark Institute currently has what we feel will be sufficient seed for 2009,  but we are unable to project even the near future under current global security and economic conditions.  As you might suspect, families are scrambling to find ways to become more self-reliant as they lose their jobs and even homes.  We want our new and long-time customers and friends to have the seed they want now and when they really need it." 

Order by Credit Card online--it's easy and secure! Just click on The Ark Institute's Store button at the top of this page.  If you'd rather order by phone, call The Ark Institute's toll free number, today!  1-800-255-1912 
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